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In ‘Destiny 2,’ Fashion Is Power

Author: Danielk Cedeno
by Danielk Cedeno
Posted: Nov 11, 2017

In ‘Destiny 2,’ Fashion Is Power

lex spent months searching Destiny for a specific piece of armor, but not because it was extremely powerful or because it granted his character special abilities. No, Alex, who goes by the name QuantumVexation in Destiny, spent months after finishing the game searching for this one piece simply because of the way it looked. In Destiny, all Warlocks wear robes, but in this piece — part of the Nerigal Savant III armor set — the bottom part of the robe glitches out on female Warlocks. It’s one of the few ways to have a Warlock wearing a cropped coat, making the Warlock class look more like another class, Hunters. Alex wanted this particular look and didn’t stop until he found it.

And so he trekked on, replaying the part of the game where the item drops over and over, grinding — which is video-game speak for a repetitive task — for a broken robe.

"Endgame fashion is a gift that keeps on giving, even after I’ve completed the activities the game has to offer," Alex, a moderator at Destiny subreddit /r/DestinyFashion, told Racked. "The game was was the end of its life cycle and most players were out of incentives to keep playing... but the pursuit of this item gave me reason to keep playing the game I loved so much, long after every powerful gun lay in my hands and every challenge imaginable had fallen before my team and I."

Destiny 2 is a multiplayer first-person shooter created by Halo developer Bungie. The gameplay shares elements with multiplayer role-playing games, like World of Warcraft, in that players share a world and are sent on quests to push the story forward and acquire more powerful gear. The player-versus-environment game sends players, known as Guardians, through the world’s solar system on missions that build upon themselves. As the story progresses, the missions get more challenging. Players collect weapons and armor — which has both in-game and aesthetic benefits.

The beginning of Destiny 2 sends players off a cliff. Stripped of power, Guardians fall toward a war-torn Earth. Days pass. The Guardians’ pristine white suits are tattered and stained. It’s a literal expression of power — that they have none. The rest of the game requires players to restore their power through experience. Through their armor, Guardians wear their experience literally on their sleeves. Fashion is power in Destiny 2.

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