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Danielk Cedeno


Member since: Oct 09, 2017
Published articles: 24

As Nicki Minaj Celebrates Fashion

As Nicki Minaj Celebrates Fashion Designers on "Plain Jane" Verse, A Celebration of Nicki Minaj's Designer Fashion There's a long history of rappers promoting their love of designer fashion through...

Articles > Beauty > Nails Dec 18, 2017
Beauty Tips for the Bride-To-Be

Beauty tips for the bride-to-be My own wedding has caused me to revisit hundreds of reader emails on the subject. I’ve always been of the view that it’s a mistake to engage too much in the concept of...

Articles > Beauty > Nails Oct 30, 2017
Cameron Russell and Edie Campbell Call out Photographers Who Sexually Assault Fashion Models

Cameron Russell and Edie Campbell call out photographers who sexually assault fashion models American model Cameron Russell has spent the last 18 hours glued to her mobile phone, reading and...

Articles > Beauty > Hair Oct 16, 2017
Fashion Brands in the Hague's Dock over Factory Safety in Bangladesh

Fashion brands in The Hague's dock over factory safety in Bangladesh a landmark ruling allowing complaints to proceed against two global fashion brands for allegedly violating an agreement to improve...

Articles > Beauty > Nails Oct 18, 2017
Fashion is Superficial but That Doesn’T Have to Be a Bad Thing

Fashion Is Superficial but That Doesn’t Have To Be a Bad Thing I’ve always regarded Sacha Baron Cohen’s Austrian alter ego, Brüno Gehard, as an embarrassing post-Borat low point in his career. But...

Articles > Family > Pets Nov 09, 2017
Fashion Remade

Fashion Remade Even if almost every Japanese station stop is home to a well-established and often rather worn-down tailors or two, there still seems to be room in the market for new entries. Salon du...

Articles > Computers > E-Learning Nov 27, 2017
Haughty Couture: Feud After Milan Fashion Week is Dismissed As out-Of-Touch and Not Intellectual Eno

Haughty couture: Feud after Milan Fashion Week is dismissed as out-of-touch and not intellectual enough It is traditionally a highlight of the global fashion calendar but this year’s Milan Fashion...

Articles > Recreation & Sports > Soccer Oct 11, 2017
He Fashion Differences

The fashion differences between Ivanka and Melania Trump reveal the truth about their political missions Melania and Ivanka Trump are two women with fashion experience who have been thrust into the...

Articles > Family > Other Oct 26, 2017
How Celine Dion Showed US the Life-Enhancing Power of Fashion in 2017

How Celine Dion showed us the life-enhancing power of fashion in 2017 f the role of a stylist is to simply hunt and gather outfits for a money-rich, time-poor client, then Law Roach has gone above and...

Articles > Automotive > Other Dec 29, 2017
In ‘Destiny 2,’ Fashion is Power

In ‘Destiny 2,’ Fashion Is Power lex spent months searching Destiny for a specific piece of armor, but not because it was extremely powerful or because it granted his character special abilities. No...

Articles > Computers > File Types Nov 11, 2017
Kanye West Proves You Don't Need Fashion

Kanye West proves you don't need fashion week if you have Kim Kardashian West Unfortunately for Yeezy fans Kanye West decided to opt out of fashion week in September but that’s not to say the brand...

Articles > Computers > Databases Dec 05, 2017
Maia Mitchell on Making It in the World of Acting and the Fear of Being Overdressed

Maia Mitchell on making it in the world of acting and the fear of being overdressed With an Instagram following of 3.8 million, the lead role on US ABC TV drama, The Fosters, and a new home grown tees...

Articles > Animals & Pets > Fish Oct 09, 2017
Sense and Sensuality: Dior Embraces Female Artists While Saint Laurent Sparkles

Sense and sensuality: Dior embraces female artists while Saint Laurent sparkles The careers of Christian Dior and Yves Saint Laurent were intimately intwined in the 1950s, but the megabrands that live...

Articles > Beauty > Nails Oct 13, 2017
Spotify for Fashion: Does Renting Clothes Signal the End for Our Wardrobes

Spotify for fashion: does renting clothes signal the end for our wardrobes? Like many, I laboured under the misapprehension that Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater was the most beautiful house in the...

Articles > Beauty > Skin Care Nov 07, 2017
Thai Online Fashion Company Pomelo Attracts $19 Mln Series B

November 2, 2017 By Iris Dorbian 1 November 2017 – Bangkok – Pomelo announces today that it has secured an additional US$19 million in funding. Led by and Provident Capital Partners, together...

Articles > Beauty > Nails Nov 03, 2017
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