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Response to Week 2 Discussion

Author: Janet Peter
by Janet Peter
Posted: Dec 29, 2017
customer requirement

Hi Sto

Thank you for sharing how your organization deals with its customers. You have discussed a number of tools that are used to determine customer requirements including annual reviews of strategic goals and objectives, surveys, working groups and focus groups, and integrated product team. However, it is the use of web-based technology in determining customer requirement that attracted my attention. Web-based technologies provide effective tools for assessing and determining customers’ requirements (Negash, Ryan & Igbaria, 2003). These tools are becoming increasingly vital as companies move towards the establishment of global operation. Many firms are developing applications that will increase their interaction with customers. Many institutions are also devoting resources to the development of business intelligence solution that will support the analysis of customers and decision-making process. Web-based technologies can not only provide data related to customers but can also provide firms with information that is crucial for other operation decisions (Boland, Morrison & O’Neill, 2013).


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Hi Mike

Thank you for sharing your discussion. You have discussed very viable tools for determining and responding to the requirements of customers. The strategic Requirements Planning Process is an effective approach for determining key customer approach. However, I feel that the process use by the organization to change customer requirement is a bit rigid. You have explained that changes must be carefully evaluated and must meet certain threshold before they are approved. I believe that in the modern business environment, the fact that customer requirements will change in inevitable. Although changes are inevitable, these changes must be managed since they can have a significant effect on the quality of programs. Consequently, the best way for dealing with requirement changes is to develop systems that are adaptable so that the programs can withstand changing customer requirements. Organizations need to turn to iterative approaches of developing products such as agile management (Cervone, 2010). Researching the market is also an important task in managing changing customer requirements. The organization must constantly assess the market so as to identify new trends, patterns and way of doing things among customers and competitors.


Cervone, F. (2010). Understanding agile project management methods. Digital Library Perspective. 27 (1), 18- 22

Hi Crooms

Thanks for sharing your discussion. Your discussion highlights your organizations key customers, as well as their requirement. I have also noted that your organization utilizes data from sources such the National Center for Education Statistics to inform key decisions regarding customers and the competitive position of the institution. I believe this is the right move on the part of your organization. Every firm should emphasize on the need to use data to inform decisions. Data-driven decision-making has become a vital concept in the field of management. This concept entails the systematic mobilization and analysis of data so as to guide a range of decisions (Marsh, Pane & Hamilton, 2006). The use of data to inform decision enhances the quality of the decision-making process. The utilization of data in decision-making processes guarantees objectivity and professionalism in the decision-making process. The use of data also enhances the legitimacy of decisions made within the organization (Brynjolfsson, Hitt & Kim, 2011). It is easy for the management of the institution to convince employees, students and other stakeholders concerning certain decisions when they can back these decisions using data.


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Brynjolfsson, E. Hitt, L. & Kim, H. (2011). How does data-driven decision-making impact firm performance? Available from

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