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Adopting New Technologies? Keep an Eye on Your Network with Managed NOC

Author: Swati Gupta
by Swati Gupta
Posted: Jan 11, 2018

Every organization aims at capturing and gaining access to new markets, products and customers. However, a greater challenge than capturing new markets is that of sustaining value over the long-term. One of the key aspects that helps organizations remain at the forefront is its vision and capability of adopting new technologies.

Keeping up with these changes often means carrying out complex integration of new technology that can consume valuable time and resources. Another major challenge that comes with integration is the management of the existing network. It involves high volume of activities and is typically handled by the IT Manager.

The IT Manager has to simultaneously manage the network and the integration of new technology, which may be extremely complex for sizeable transactions. See how Managed NOC can support this transition…

5 Technology Integrations you cannot ignore

Whenever a business thinks of expansion into new markets, innovation or to keep up with the technology changes, it has to adopt to new technology. Can your network and its operationsremain isolated during such an integration? Of course, not. Your network will experience the highest volume of activity during such an integration and the complexity is increased by the fact that your organization’s key functions depend on your network availability and stability.

As an IT Manager, you are well aware of the complex tasks of managing the network challenges, resources and time. In this blog, we will discuss how many organizations today have adopted the modern day NOC and how critical it is to solve the network challenges proactively while adopting new technologies so that you are guaranteed a100% service uptime with cost efficiency.

Managed NOC: Managed NOC is offered as a service by Managed Service Providers (MSPs). A managed noc designed to provide a seamless experience of managing your network operations during integration of new technology. All server and service monitoring is carried out through an MSP’s Network Operations Center (NOC) and their remote monitoring and management tools ensure that your services are not interrupted during the transition to the new technology.

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Let’s look at how Managed NOC can help you keep up with the challenges that a network faces during integration of new technology in your organization.

Moving towards the Future with Managed NOC

Just because there is a new technology in the market, it is no reason for you to adopt it. It is vital that your organization’s new technology intergration strategy must be closely lined up with its strategic objectives and goals. The integration strategy should also be further refined to meet the unique needs of each individual business unit.

You must evaluate the value that each new technology offers to determine if and when it is a good fit, and whether it must be adopted or not.

There are a range of technology integrations that can be adopted by an organization, such as:

  • Virtualization
  • BYOD and BYOA
  • Cloud
  • Multiple User Systems
  • Green Initiative

Overcoming Technology Integration Challenges through Managed NOC

Let us now look at how Managed NOC can help you in adopting the above mentioned technologies seamlessly without you having to worry about the challenges that they might impose at the time of integration on your existing network operations.

Virtualization Another move towards newer technology is virtualization. After servers, it continues to expand to desktops, switches, servers, routers and firewalls. Virtualization guarantees to provide a much higher level of control over these devices.

How Managed NOC can help? Managed NOC will help your organization to carry out the management tasks in the virtualized environment and also integrate with the existing workflow and management processes. These services will provide you with an integrated view of both environments available for monitoring and managing. Managed NOC will also help to identify resources that are faulty and have performance issues, to deploy applications across various virtualization platforms, to standardize description of virtual machines and also standardize various aspects of the network operations management.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and Bring Your Own Application (BYOA) Another growing trend now is where users bring their own devices such as smartphones, tablets and also applications to use them for both personal as well as work-related tasks. As an IT Manager, you must be aware of the challenges they pose for IT security when you try to monitor and maintain control over such user-owned devices in an organization’s network. You already know that this is a humongous and an almost impossible task to achieve.

How Managed NOC can help? A managed noc service provider can provide you with network solutions that can help you fight this losing battle. These services can help you restrict the access to data and secure the data on servers and then provide users access to that data in the form of mobile web apps. This way, your users can gain authorized access to the data on any server but will not be able to store any data on their mobile devices.

Cloud Many organizations are now moving towards cloud technology and are eliminating the need to keep their data and applications in-house; thereby avoiding the practise of managing everything themselves.

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