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Best jewel games

Author: Togdex Jam
by Togdex Jam
Posted: Jan 13, 2018

Games of connecting, moving and exploding colored stones, like PopCap's Bejeweled and Zuma classics, are a big hit among casual gamers. They are great for playing while you wait your turn in a queue or waiting room, or even when you need some distraction during the day by visiting

To help those people who want to find good gaming options in this style, we've prepared a list of eight games that promise to make you have fun for hours - five of them with iOS versions too. This way, if you have an Android phone or even an iPhone, check out our selection of apps.

Gem Spinner II

This is for anyone who wants to add new elements to the traditional game of putting together three stones of the same color. Your board is divided into a few blocks, and you can rotate those pieces, as well as move them around the table.

As you play and make the combinations, the back of the board blocks will change color. When the whole block becomes darker, it is eliminated from the game. The goal is to destroy the maximum of these modules before time runs out. The more stones you eliminate, the more points and stars are gained in that phase.

Call of Atlantis

Usually, the turn-and-destroy games do not have a story, just the board with the colored elements. However, the game Call of Atlantis has an elaborate plot, along with external goals and challenges that complement the phases.

Its look is very beautiful, with animations and illustrations very well done. Each chapter is accompanied by a detailed explanation, so you know more about the story and the challenges of the game. The free version only has a few early stages, but you can get the full game by buying it inside the app itself.

To pass the stage, you must complete an object, bringing all your pieces to the bottom of the board. At first, this seems fairly easy, but the difficulty of the challenge is increased with the passing of the levels.

Jewels Deluxe

The biggest advantage of this game is the existence of several game modes. You can have fun in four different ways - great for both when you just want to spend time as for the times when you are in a more difficult challenge.

Besides the classic with time, there is the "Task" mode, in which you need to destroy a certain number of stones of each color; the "Clone Attack", in which it is necessary to form a specific pattern of combination; and "Puzzle", in which you must eliminate all the stones in the game.

The look of the game is very beautiful, but the amount of visual information can confuse the reading of the numbers and colors of the challenges, especially if your cell phone has a small screen. Nothing, however, that really disrupts the game.

Marble Blast 2

This game is for those who enjoy Zuma, a game of exploding colored stones using a cannon, which is positioned in the central part of the screen. In this application, you also need to form a sequence of three or more balls of a color, but not on board, but on a moving circuit.

Look and shoot the ball with the cannon, careful to calculate its trajectory in view of the stones are not standing. An important tip is always to aim a little forward of the place that you want to hit, compensating the movement of the stones. The more pieces you hit at one go, the better the score at the end of the stage.


If you like the game Bejeweled, but want something a little different, you can test the game Jewel Up, which has the same style with only a few changes. Instead of swapping the place marbles to remove them from the board, you need to slide your finger over a group of three or more of them.

All stones of the same color that are connected and touched by your finger are then removed from the table. It is not possible to remove the finger from the screen and neither pass it on more than once on the same stone, or it is eliminated from play. The game features three game modes and is available for both Android and iPhone.

Jewels Link

In the same style of the above game, the Jewels Link also has the way to play a little modified, when compared to the classic Bejeweled. However, unlike Jewel Up, it has only one game mode.

This does not detract from the fun, however, since the challenges are a little more difficult than those of Jewel Up and the number of stages is immense. Bonus items that appear in the middle of the game (clock, rays, etc.) make matches even more dynamic.

Aces Jewel Hunt

This game stands out for its appearance since it has an exceptionally well-made interface. The designs and animations are impressive, and fun is guaranteed for casual gamers. The game follows the same Bejeweled line, with special bonuses and more points gained when more than three stones are released at the same time.

All this look, however, weighs in one important point: the size of the application. So that he can count on animations and drawings so well finished, he needs 18 MB free on his device. However, if you have enough storage space on your phone, this should not be a problem.

Shape Shift

This game can tie a knot in your head as it surprisingly blends shapes and colors. You need to move the stones with the same shape, to join groups of four or more pieces of the same color.

The exchange happens according to the form and does not take into account the color. In addition, stones do not even need to be side by side. It seems too easy, but it can be quite challenging since the colors of the pieces can confuse the plays.

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This game is available for the iPhone and for Android, just download and have fun.

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