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How Crucial is Mobile Application Testing for Your Business?

Author: Alisha Henderson
by Alisha Henderson
Posted: Jun 06, 2018
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Running a business and making it successful in this digital world is not as easy as it seems. This is why it takes hours of planning and effort to ensure that your service/ product is perfect and your website is user-friendly and up-to-date. The main aim of any business owner should be to provide the best experience to every potential client.

These days having a mobile application has become mandatory for every business as people want everything at the click of a button. However, in order to provide an improved mobile app experience, a specific functionality is needed.

Any glitch in the application can cause huge harm to the product’s success and reputation of the brand. Hence, software testing is important and for that it is crucial to hire QA specialists for software testing.

Mobile Application Testing: An Answer to all your Concerns

In the hunt for perfection, it is imperative to regularly review what you have done to meet the industry standards. This is where mobile application testing plays an important role. Mobile testing before the product’s release allows the business owner to identify what parts of the products are working and which part needs improvement and how well the application responds to a given task.

Mobile application testing helps in fixing the problems before your customers are impacted, and your application gets a bad rating on that experience. A perfect mobile application testing strategy is essential to test your mobile application efficiently.

Mobile Application Testing Strategy

A perfect mobile application testing strategy ensures the alignment of QA with customer expectations, business goals, and industry best practices. Some of the important strategies that need to be followed while testing a mobile application are given below:

  • Choosing a Mobile Application: There are two main choices, choosing between emulators and substantial devices or choosing a gadget model. Some other factors such as memory size, connectivity options, etc. should be taken care of while selecting a device model.
  • Physical Devices vs. Emulators: Deciding among physical devices or emulators could be a major factor as, during the early stage of development, emulators are useful as they help in efficient and rapid testing, mainly in an agile development scenario. However, physical device testing leads to beta testing as a beneficial method that provides access to actual networks, real devices, real-world testers, and larger geographical coverage.
  • Mobile Testing on Cloud: Testing on the Cloud has always been a desirable option for
testing mobile applications as it manages to make infinite scenario combinations. In the case of cloud testing, the web-based testing environment is also offered wherein the apps can be managed, tested, and deployed.

  • Network Connectivity: This is the factor that can majorly affect mobile applications as they mostly rely on network connectivity to function properly. It becomes critical to test mobile apps and get the actual picture in real network environments


In order to stay competent in today’s digital world, it is important to ensure that your applications are running without any error and for that you need an experienced QA specialists. Hiring the best QA specialists can help you achieve the best results and launch an error-free application.

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I work as a Senior Testing Specialist at TestingXperts. I handled day-to-day operations for all aspects of software testing. With over 7 yrs of professional experience I know how to build strong connection.

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