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6 Reasons why you should Start Developing Ionic Mobile Apps

Author: Hemendra Singh
by Hemendra Singh
Posted: Jul 31, 2019
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There are a lot of mobile app development companies around the globe. Some of them are known for developing excellent and extremely useful mobile applications.

Let us first discuss what exactly are ionic apps?

Basically, Ionic is an HTML5 mobile application development framework. It is an excellent front-end UI framework and a CLI allowing the developer to create, compile, run and export mobile applications easily. Ionic front-end framework is a great choice for prototypes too. Many app developers choose ionic to create a prototype. Ionic has taken charge of the existing HTML5 development frameworks.

Native, hybrid and Ionic app development:

There are different types of mobile app development. Native apps, hybrid apps, and ionic apps are the latest topics discussed on the internet. It is a debate that which one is better. There is no such thing as to compare since all these three are designed for different purposes. According to the survey, there are more hybrid apps as compared to native apps. It enables native mobile components to have an attractive design and animation.

6 reasons why app development company should develop ionic apps:

Cross-platform app development is performed with the help of an ionic framework. Developers only need to learn javaScript, which is one real programming language to develop 2 or 3 platforms.

  1. The major advantage here is app development company do not have to train new developers with other languages. JavaScript language is already known to a lot of app developers.

  2. Since it uses JavaScript and angular framework, developers need a very less time to get started with the project. Ionic offers a facility direct preview of the mobile application. Developers get a getting started guide with an ionic framework that helps them learn ionic quickly.
  3. It has some amazing and beautiful interface components. This feature is considered as one of the best features available in ionic. It has predefined styling for different components and gives a feel of native elements.

    This means whatever application developers are developing will suit the device. On Android, the mobile app well gets the Android look and iOS app will get an iOS look. Developers can rely on ionic styling and need not put extra efforts to put own touches on each element.

  4. Cordova helps you with native plugins. It packages the mobile application into a web view and builds a native project. Developers can use native device features like a camera with help of Cordova.
  5. The main concern of developers open source is getting stuck with an unstable framework. Ionic is the solution for this. It is Super stable, fast and reliable. It is extremely cost-effective. Developing a mobile application is a costly task. Expensive frameworks shake the budget of app development.

    But ionic costs you nothing. Besides, it is extremely helpful and uses technologies such as Cordova and angular. Developers can get an answer to any question regarding ionic framework. Usually, mobile application developers need to develop different applications for IOS and Android. This can be expensive. But with ionic developers need not develop two different applications.

    They can use the same code, same language for both. Also ionic is open source. That means everything is free. Mobile app development company do not have to pay for any license.

  6. Mobile application testing is far easier with the ionic framework. Developers and testers can perform simulator testing for both IOS and Android apps which use commands. Testing can also be done with the mobile browser or Safari. The additional feature here is, whatever changes a developer makes to the code, are automatically updated.
Wrapping up:

Ionic is definitely the upcoming trend in mobile app development market. New developers and app development companies are taking efforts on learning the ionic framework. After reading this blog, you must have gotten the idea that ionic is not just a framework but a lot of more than that. Since it is cost feasible and has great features, it saves a lot of time of developers. It helps you create robust mobile applications, improves browser capability and can be deployed anywhere.

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My name is Hemendra Singh. I am Managing Director and Co-Founder of The NineHertz, a Mobile App Development Company. My ideology is that, a clear vision and hard work builds a great company.

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