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Managing Your Stress In The Work Place

Author: Damien Justus
by Damien Justus
Posted: Jul 18, 2018
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Starting a new job is a daunting task, and even more so if you are knowingly stepping into a stressful situation. While it can be difficult to get started, we have some tips and suggestions to help in preparing you for a high-stress job.

First, Get A Job

You need a job, but don’t make it a crazy, unmanageable time of stress. Reach out to recruitment firms who can help you find a lot of great job openings and help you get on interview lists. You can visit sites like to get help with recruiting.

Don't Have Unrealistic Expectations

You need to be honest with yourself and your boss about what is expected before you begin to work. Beginning with unrealistic expectations is a great way to set yourself up for failure in the workplace, and will, without a doubt, cause unnecessary stress. One of these contentious issues is understanding the health benefits package, knowing what's included and what's not. If you live in Canada, for example, are emergency dentist Calgary visits covered? Having a conversation with your team or boss about what is expected - and what will be received - will help steer you in the right direction and help keep you on track along the way.

It Is Okay To Mess Up

We cannot and will not be perfect and we should not be expected to have a flawless performance in the workplace, but we need to actively try to do the best we can in every instance. It is okay to make a mistake - own up to it, learn from the situation, and do better next time. If you are an employer, make sure your team knows that it is okay to mess up and encourage them to always give their best.

Make Friends

When times get stressful in the office, you need to have somebody to lean on, or at least somebody you can vent to. Without making friends at work, this can be a very difficult task to accomplish. Talk to the people around you and find things you have in common. Go out for a coffee or dinner after work and get to know them. Knowing people are there for you and willing to help in stressful situations will help your day run smoother. We promise this will also make your lunch break more enjoyable and your day-to-day interactions with people more bearable, perhaps maybe your job can even be fun.

Break The Tension

Laughter is a great medicine for just about any situation. When things are getting too stressful, slip in a funny joke or story to help break the tension and help get people to relax. Of course, don't be disrespectful or rude, but with proper timing, this tactic may help more than you would think. Making people laugh helps to bring them together, and sometimes a joke is exactly what you need!

Take A Break

Jobs can be stressful, your days can seem endless, and sometimes it is okay to take a step back and rest. Going for a vacation to explore new places will help distract your mind from whatever is going on at work. Having a break helps you regroup and reset your mind for a while. If you can't afford an elaborate vacation, that's okay! Just simply take off a day or two and rest at home. Get lost in your favorite TV show or read a book to give yourself a chance to breathe without thinking about your job. In no time you will be ready to go back to work and tackle whatever the situation is, and you will have the confidence to handle anything. Taking care of your mental well-being is imperative.

Managing stress in the workplace is made easy with a few quick and easy suggestions. If these suggestions do not help, however, and you are overcome with stress that is beginning to have a negative effect your health, it might be time to consider finding a low-stress job. While it is normal to experience busy times at work, it is important to recognize the difference between simply being busy and being stressed to an unhealthy level. Try applying these tips to your day and the stress will, hopefully, go away before you know it.

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Damien Justus writes in the business, home improvement and real estate spaces, and is very passionate about health, cooking, diet plans and anything that has to do with staying fit.

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