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Convincing Reasons on Why You Should Adopt a Cat

Author: Savea Rescue
by Savea Rescue
Posted: Jul 19, 2018

Adopting any animal can be a wonderful feeling. Nothing can compare to the feeling of bringing an abandoned animal to your house and giving it a chance at a better life. This article will discuss nine reasons why you should adopt a pet cat from a cat rescue or shelters.

  • There are so many cats and kittens to choose from. Once you walk into a cat rescue or cat shelters, you will be greeted with a pleasant sight of beautiful cats of all sizes and shapes. If you are looking to adopt kittens, spring is the season when kittens are available in abundance. But, remember that older cats are cute too and are calmer than young kittens.
  • Adopting a cat from a cat rescue center or cat shelters is less expensive than buying one from a breeder. Reputable cat rescue team and shelters take care of all preliminary shots, spay or neuter the cats, clear up any previously existing medical condition and insert a microchip before sending them off to home with their new owners. All of this is done at a minimal cost.
  • The staff and volunteers at cat shelters are the nicest individuals. These individuals love animals and want these lovely abandoned animals go home with someone loving and wonderful person like you. You can as many questions as you want with them and they’ll gladly answer. They’ll make you confident to start a new life with your new feline friend.
  • Adopting a cat from cat rescue or cat shelter also helps other animals in the shelter. The adoption fee or donation that you pay to a cat rescue or shelter is utilized to provide better care for the existing and upcoming pets.
  • We all love dogs and cats but one thing we don’t realize is that cats are really good at taking care of themselves. Unlike dogs, cats clean themselves. It is also easy to teach a cat to good out for bathroom.
  • Cats can make for great couch buddies. Either you are watching your favorite show on Netflix, reading a book or just napping, you will mostly likely end up with your fluffy friend curled up at your side.
  • Adopting a cat from a cat shelter will save that cat’s life. Animal shelters are bound to euthanize animals when they don’t have enough space for upcoming pets.
  • What’s more interesting about having a cat in your house is that they kill everything small that crawls around in your house. Since cats are predators, they will want to take down anything smaller than them like crawling insects and spiders.
  • Cats are magical creatures. They are not only good for your emotional health but also physical health. It has been known that owning a cat can lower stress levels and blood pressure. A cat’s purr is also therapeutic.

If you are looking to adopt a cat, visit our website at You can also call us up at (888) 440-6467. We will be more than happy to invite you and let you adopt a dog.

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