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The Importance of Playtime with Your Cat

Author: Kathy Hicks
by Kathy Hicks
Posted: Aug 12, 2018
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Many people assume that cats are so independent and aloof and as a result, they do not realize the importance of taking time every day to play with your kitty. Not only does it provide exercise for your cat, but it allows your kitty to let their hunting instincts come alive. They love stalking a teaser toy, just like they would prey. Throwing them toys to allow them to chase them down is allowing your kitty to express their inner hunter, as they run after a toy you have thrown just as they would chase a mouse or bug. Well, around here, the RagaMuffin kitties don’t chase the bugs, they gently tap me and let me know there is a creepy crawly thing that I need to handle. Of course, flying insects are a different story. Put all the valuables safely away if a fly enters your house.

Playtime is a Must for your Indoor Kitty

Cats live longer lives if they live their lives indoors, however, your kitty can get bored. Have you ever had your fury feline friend unwind a roll of paper towel or toilet paper? Your kitty will not be content to sit around with no stimulation. They will enjoy looking out the window at anything that moves, but playtime with mommy or daddy is what they love the most. You will get the knack of what toys you can use that keep your kitty most entertained. Laser light toys are good, but they should not be used too frequently. First, you want to be very careful not to shine the light in their eyes. Second, you do not want your kitty getting frustrated by a red dot he or she can never really catch. When you use a teaser toy, like a feather toy with your cat, watch how excited they get when they catch the feather. It is amazing how strong their jaws are in holding on to that feather and not letting it go. There is satisfaction obtained by hunting and catching.

Bonding and Playing with Your Cat

When you spend time interacting with your cat by playing with them, it strengthens the bond between you and your cat. Many times, you will notice an increase in affection from your kitty after a play session. They truly enjoy the time you take in your play sessions. There are some RagaMuffin Cats that will act like a dog and sit up on their hind legs and "beg" with their front paws. Many RagaMuffin kittens will also fetch like a dog.

Don’t believe that all cats are aloof and completely independent. Many of them thrive on attention from the humans that they own, and you will be amazed at the relationship you can have with your kitty if you take the time to form a bond with them.

About the Author

Kathy Hicks is a writer who focuses on articles about cats as well as feline health.

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