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What are the disadvantages of having a tattoo in the modern world?

Author: Mohamed Fareed
by Mohamed Fareed
Posted: Sep 30, 2018
tattoos body Tattoos have become a significant part of the youth culture in the recent times. There is a lot of change in the culture and tattoos are one of the major ones. The younger generations tend to enhance their looks with tattoos and other body modifications. There is a vast array of cons with tattoos even today with the world developing so much. Tattoos were taken as a prison culture during the mid-1900s, and the prejudice still exists even today in the subconscious of the general populace. You may be judged out of the fact that you have tattoos on your body and you may also miss out on job opportunities due to it.

Disadvantages of having Tattoos

  • Prejudices of the People –Tattoos have been a dark culture for a long time. Now that it has become a street culture and is very common all people can still not accept it as a part of normalcy. They will be prejudiced and would be against you in any small disagreement if you have a tattoo.
  • Job Opportunities –There are many jobs which don't allow any form of tattoos or body modifications and will reject your application if you have any of them. You may lose out on your job for a tattoo which is visible, and this can be taken as a significant drawback of tattoo in the modern times.
  • Schools and Colleges – Tattoos can be major trouble for you when you get it in an exposed area and go to your school or college. Some schools and colleges are lenient, but most of them don't allow the tattoos.You may be asked to remove the tattoo or wear something to hide the tattoo when you are on the premises.
  • Legal Obligations – Some legal obligations come along with certain tattoos and some placements of tattoos. Some countries don't allow you to avail their visa if you have some tattoos that are related to gang lifestyle or even resemble your time in prison.
  • Infections from the Ink – Tattoos are amazing to look at, but there may be times when the tattoo ink doesn't suit your skin. Even times when you haven't taken proper care of the tattoo after it was done and was still a fresh wound. In such situations, you may need to get rid of the tattoo, and the tattoo removal costs may not be meager. It is always more costly to remove a tattoo that makes it.

These are the various ways that tattoos can be disadvantageous to you. Tattoos have become a mass culture, but it still brings in the prejudice along with it. People today however really don't care because the younger generation knows that the people who judge are not going to be in power for a very long time now. The younger tattooed people can ignore the prejudice and the judgmental attitude and will get the tattoos anyway.

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Fareed is a graduate of computer science engineering, a writer and marketing consultant. he continues to study on Nano technology and its resulting benefits to achieving almost there.

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