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Machines Used & Techniques Implemented for Sheet Metal Fabrication Process

Author: Priya Chaudhary
by Priya Chaudhary
Posted: Sep 27, 2018

Sheet Metal Fabrication Industry is growing rapidly as people have started making use of Sheet Metals in their constructions. There are many types of ways to cut, join and shape the Sheet Metals, however, industries expert chose to go with the most reliable techniques only. If you are searching for Sheet Metal Components, then you should visit Google. They have all types of Sheet Metal Components which are essential for Sheet Metal Fabrication Process.

Besides the components, there are many tools, machines, and techniques available to make the most of the Sheet Metal Fabrication Process. You can get maximum output using these tools and components. Today, we thought to share a list of tools and techniques which are useful in the Sheet Metal Fabrication Process.

Sheet Metal Fabrication Tools

  1. Sheet Metal Bending Tools

Sheet Metal Bending Tool bends the Sheet without losing its consistency. For various purposes of the client, a Fabricator use this machine to shape in the Sheet Metal as per the requirements. There are many types Bending Tools and Machines available in the market. Depending on your business and customers, you can go for the high-level Bending Tools which can handle big size Metal Sheets.

  1. Sheet Metal Forming Tools

Sheet Metal Forming Tool alter the geometric of the sheet using external force at the right position of the sheet. Basically, Sheet Metal Forming Tool doesn’t require any heating, cutting or welding. The Tool works without any sources, and all it requires is a proper strength to apply external pressure.

  1. Sheet Metal Shearing Tools

Sheet Metal Shearing Tool is very useful in the Sheet Metal Fabrication Industry. The Shearing Tool put a cut on the sheet metal in a straight line. In general, this machine is used to put a parallel cut on the Sheet Metal. You can make identical pieces of the Sheet Metal using this tool. There are two types of Sheet Metal Shearing tools available in the market, Throatless Hand Shears and Throatless Rotary Shears.

These are the most important and useful tools for making various Sheet Metaling tasks easier. You can use these tools to improve the work productivity and overall output.

Besides the Sheet Metal Tools, we have also listed down some modern techniques which you can implement while processing with Sheet Metals.

Sheet Metal Fabrication Techniques

  1. Resistance Welding

This technique is used to join two sheets of Stainless Steel. Using a computer controlled advanced welding machine, this technique is implemented. The entire welding process done through machines and you just need to set up the process using the Computer Screen. The machine welds two sheets accurately without wasting the material and your precious time.

  1. Expanding Metal using Machine

There comes a time when you need to add open space within the Sheet Metal. In this situation, you don’t need to CNC Machine or any other pushing techniques, you can apply Expanding Metal technique for adding open space.

Expanding Machine stretches Sheet Metal and rolls it out as per the required shape. The entire process is done through machines which are controlled by computers. You can save a lot of materials for the Sheet Metal using this technique as it doesn’t waste them.

  1. Laser Cutting

Laser Cutting is one of the best and highly advanced Techniques which can be used in Sheet Metal Fabrication process. This Cutting technique makes the smooth and stretch-free cut to the Sheet Metal. This technique doesn’t waste the Metal Material during the process. The cutting process through this technique is much easier and efficient than the other conventional techniques.

  1. Metal Brake Bending

One of the most hectic tasks in the Sheet Metal Fabrication is breaking down the Sheet Metals into the right pieces. With Metal Brake Bending, a Fabricator can easily break or bend the Sheet Metal as per the desired shape and consistency. Advance Machines are used to break the heavy-duty metal sheets. The same machines are used to bend the sheets.

The Metal Brake Device applies tons of weight on the Sheet to brake and to bend it down. With the desired weight pressure, the Sheet Metal bends in the perfect angle asked by the client.

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