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Everything You Need to Know About Sheet Metal Industry

Author: Sangeeta Industries
by Sangeeta Industries
Posted: Nov 18, 2019
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If you’re looking at one of the fastest-growing industries today, sheet metal fabrication will probably be one of the chart-toppers. A fabrication industry that can be dated back to the Egyptians, sheet metal fabrication has been one of the industries that have seen the best of traditional techniques and the most of today’s modern ones- now emerging as one of the most prosperous prospects. Just take a look at the current sheet metal Industries in Faridabad

  • evolving rapidly as we speak.

Looking back at the years, the sheet metal fabrication industry started with tools that included welding, cutting, and machining the fabrication process manually. However, thanks to the growing panel of technological advancements, the sheet metal industry has been fuelled by two primary factors, namely,

  • 1. Technological advancements

  • 2. Improved chain of supply

A Brief History

Even though sheet metal usage and production started way back in the 1400s, the real surge in production and demand of sheet metal started during the Industrial Revolution period. The workers in this industry found new, improved industrial equipment to work with and the result was precision and premiere quality products that drove functionality and durability to a whole new level. The sheet metal industry started expanding and ever since then, the rapid growth never stopped.

The Different Types

Sheet metal fabrication, in a nutshell, is defined as the processing of metal sheets that are relatively thin, say below 6mm. The processing of sheet metal usually employs cutting, riveting, punching, shearing, splicing etc for the fabrication part. The two primary categories of sheet metal include-

  • 1. Galvanized Steel

  • 2. Stainless Steel

The Application

According to popular belief, a lot of people tend to think the sheet metal industry is all about industrial applications when in reality, the best of sheet metal industry applications are commercial in nature. In fact, most of the things you see around you are made of sheet metal. For instance, street signs, mailboxes, car bodies, airplane wings, filing cabinets and more. However, if you’re particularly looking out for some professional automotive solutions, some of the best sheet metal manufacturers in Faridabad would probably be the best option for you. From body parts to spare components, fabricated products and more- you can find all your sheet metal manufacturing requirements addressed under one single rood.

Expected Trends in the Sheet Metal Industry to Watch Our For

We are currently looking at a billion-dollar industry with the upcoming trends and revised implications ballooning the demand for sheet metals all the more. Here are two of the latest technological trends every industry proactively using sheet metal should know of-

  • Automation- The sheet metal industry is looking at some major system automation. While some have already been implemented, more growth in automation is on the future horizon. Bending and cutting sheet metal have now been simplified using robotics as a major front. To top that, the sheet metal manufacturers striving for precision have finally achieved the level of accuracy along with the minimization of material waste during production. This means sheet metal fabricators in the industry could be looking at greener solutions.

  • 3D- 3-dimensional is yet another revolutionary concept in sheet metal manufacturing that has been helping producers simplify work process and production. Manufacturers are using this breakthrough technology as a stepping stone to quality-grade production and that too at half the time.

In Conclusion

The sheet metal industry has been exceeding customer expectations for the past few decades now and with the latest trends mentioned above now becoming more and more prominent, we can expect a steady rise in premium quality products from the sheet metal fabrication industry.

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