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Sad Poetry - Urdu Poetry, Shayari, English SMS

Author: Muhammad Haider
by Muhammad Haider
Posted: Oct 06, 2018
sad poetry

Poetry is considered to be the language of emotions and feelings. People change their emotions into words which are poems that we read. Urdu poem loves everyone especially by those who understand Urdu well. We can find poetry in almost all languages because emotions are explained by people of all languages. Urdu poetry is popular in Pakistan and India because people can easily understand Urdu and express themselves in their national language. By the arrival of the subcontinent, people were amazed by the poem written in the popular languages of that time. We can find many popular poets from history as well as we can see different poetry types. People like to read poems in Urdu and they were holding meetings to listen to poetry from poem writers. Kings were also recruiting poets in the courts and were entertaining poetry in their spare time.

There are many types of poems we get from history and are very popular today. In poetry types, we find that romantic poetry is the most popular. Along with the romantic poet, there is still much more liking than other poetry types. Other poem types include sad poetry and love poetry. Poetry is a way of expressing emotions, so the types of poems are similar to people's feelings. Love is an eternal feeling that can never end and it is one of the strongest human emotions. The Urdu poem, which is deeply submerged in love, is appreciated by those who have feelings of love. If you want to read poetry on love, then you can read poems by famous poets like Mirza Ghalib, Mir Taki Mir and Mir Dard. He is a famous Urdu poet of the past who is still very popular today. In the past, poets used to write poems on social issues like poverty and slavery. Apart from this, besides social issues, they are also writing on cultural issues.

Poetry writers are usually very sensitive because they follow the most simple and delicate things in society. This is the reason that the poets are very sensitive and emotional. We like unique poetry which is not very common and which refreshes us after reading. The tragic poem is one of the poem types like romantic poetry and love poem. Sometimes we feel unhappy and want to read some sad poetry to fulfill our emotions so that you can reach here unhappy Shayari. Mirza Ghalib, Ahmed Faraj, and Mir Taki Mir are famous for writing sad poetry and romantic poetry. Mirza Ghalib is one of the best poets of his era, who gave his life for poetry, as we have been given poetry in almost all genres. Over time, positive change came in Urdu and Urdu. Poetry is also considered the essence of literature in a language. Many styles also developed in poetry with the development of Urdu. We can find kavali, mana and rubyi in the styles of Urdu poetry and we can also see that a lot of work has been done on them. Now people like to read not only poetry, but they prefer to participate in organized gatherings to listen to poetry. In such gatherings, we can find all kinds of poems like romantic poetry, a love poem, and sad poetry. There is a huge collection of poetry in Urdu Point and if you want you to go to get the best sad poetry of Urdu Point.

The trend has changed slightly in the present time but it is not new because, with the gradual change of time, trends also change. Now a day people prefer 2 lines of poetry instead of Ghazals and Nazma. This is because it is the age of social media and people often use social media sites. For Facebook or WhatsApp, people demand two lines of Urdu poetry. In a way, it is also good because it saves a lot of time because they get the same message of Ghazals or Najm in two lines of poems that also save their time. There are two lines of Urdu poem for users in Urdu Point.

It is an online platform for all those people who fail to express their emotions, openly with their loved ones they can choose to dedicate and share a sad poem in Urdu. You can read, write, comment and share some great collections of unhappy poetry images available on this page. Our web brings some of the sad poetry pictures from the collection of famous Urdu poets such as Mir Dard, Mir Taki Mir, Mirza Ghalib, or Contemporary Urdu Poets Vasi Shah, Iftikhar Arif, Ahmed Faraj and bring the latest collection., Parveen Shakir to give some names Through SMS, there is a tendency to share sad poems in Urdu or to share a facebook by users. To feel comfortable and comfortable you sometimes need to speak to your heart. Our Web Dubious Shayari section gives you the opportunity to share, comment and read Urdu miserable poems online. Express your sad feelings and emotions with Pakistan's largest collection "Urdu Sadan Poetry, Ghazal and Shayari". Read, submit and share your favorite sad poems online in Urdu. Your feedback is highly appreciated. You can post your feedback about the page.

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