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Complete Poetic Material

Author: Danu Aji
by Danu Aji
Posted: Mar 08, 2020
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Poetry is a medium in the form of writing to express the feelings or thoughts of the writer. Many examples of poetry written by famous poets, which contain about feelings with deep meaning. Poetry is one type of old poetry literary works, but has differences with other old poetic literary works.

Poetry has quite a lot of discussion. Not only the meaning and example of poetry, but you also need to know the characteristics and types that exist in poetry. this will make it easier for you to learn poetry well.

Understanding Poetry

Poetry is one type of old poetry that originates to express the feelings, expressions, and thoughts of the author. Each array written in the making of poetry has the same ending sound.

Poetry is writing in the form of words from the author, based on thoughts and feelings experienced. In Arabic poetry comes from the word "syu'ur" and then develops into "syi'ru" which means feeling or a poem.

Poetry is a literary work in writing that uses illustrations of complex things, such as religious stories, advice, love, and so forth. That is what makes the verses of poetry long enough to be written.

Poetic writing is also still bound by rules such as in one stanza how many lines and syllables. Rules that are bound to poetry are to rhyme and rhythm. So do not be surprised if most examples of poetry have verses that end in the same.

Characteristics of Poetry

Poetry has its own characteristics to make it easier to distinguish where examples of poetry and examples of other old poetry works. So that it will be easier for you when learning about poetry. The following are the characteristics of poetry that you should know include,

There are four lines or lines in each verse

Consists of 8 to 14 syllables per verse line

Each verse of poetry gives meaning or meaning as a whole

In every line of poetry it only contains content and meaning

rhyming a-a-a-a

The language used in the example of poetry is figurative language

The contents in poetry are usually about stories, advice, advice, and fairy tales

The rhythm of the poem is found in every mid-line, which is about 4-6 syllables.

Types of Poetry

Poetry has various types that are divided based on the theme of the contents of the text, including them

1. Religious Poetry

Religious poetry is a type of poetry whose writings contain religious themes, such as Sufism. One human religion is a poem that is very important in life. Religious poetry is divided into four types namely poetry advice, poetry history of the Prophet, Sufi poetry, and poetry other Islamic teachings

One of the first Indonesian figures to write poetical literature on religion or wise advice was Hamzah Fansuri. Examples of poems created by Hamzah Fansuri are, Boat Poetry, Rasi Poetry (forecasts of events), Trade Poetry, and Poetry regarding the veil of dreams

2. Metaphorical Poetry

Metaphorical poetry is a type of poetry that contains a story about a love relationship. In the use of figurative language flowers, fish, birds and fruit are used as a symbolic to tell what they are writing about. So that the metaphorical poem tells more of the allusions that are intended for certain events.

3. Poem Poetry

Poem Poetry is a poem written to tell a situation that occurs in a kingdom or palace. Panji-themed poetry usually includes stories of warfare and wandering. For example, the poem Ken Tambunan tells about the romance of a royal figure, Raden Puspa Kencana

4. Romantic Poetry

Romantic Poetry is poetry written in the style of view of romance as solace, or contains folklore and so forth.

5. Poetry History

Historical Poetry is a poem that contains historical events, while most poems tell the history that contains war. For example, the Makassar War Poem which in the past was named Syair Sipelman. This poem tells of the war between the Makassar people and the Dutch.

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