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Things to Consider for Septic Tank Maintenance

Author: Sean Erik
by Sean Erik
Posted: Oct 06, 2018

Septic tanks help in processing the water waste of both commercial and private properties. Moreover, a poorly maintained septic tank can harm than any good. Therefore septic tank maintenance becomes an important part of its functioning. A septic tank maintenance process includes cleaning, draining, and inspection. This should be done least once every year. There are experts available for both commercial and residential septic tank maintenance. These experts are the certified professionals who are trained for septic tank maintenance. Septic tank uses bacteria to process the water waste the natural way. Regular cleaning of the tank is therefore done to remove any contamination which is developed over time. Pumping of the tank depends upon the size of the tank and the number of people on that property because more people increase the water deposit in the tank and it might need frequent pumping than the one which is used by a smaller number of people. It is when the tank is pumped out and cleaned, that it should be inspected of any structural or systematic irregularity.

In addition to regular cleaning, pumping, and inspection, septic tank maintenance also requires some precautions that should be taken because it is an underground tank and some problems may not be known until they have become major:

  • Things like baby diapers, female hygiene products, cigarettes, paper towels, dental floss, cotton swabs, and car litter should never be flushed with water. These cause clogging of the pipes and also interrupt the functioning of the septic tank because bacteria cannot process most of these things.
  • Paint, grease, wax, motor oils and other similar chemical wastes also hinder the bacterial process and should never reach the tank. Such chemicals destroy the bacteria causing contamination of the surface and groundwater.
  • Septic tank must be covered with the grass on the outside, though do not convert it into a garden. The grass allows oxygen to enter the tank through the soil. This oxygen is required by the bacteria to break down the content in the septic tank.
  • Heavy vehicles should not be parked above the septic tank, neither it should have any building or swimming pool constructed above it. Even the material like asphalt, concrete or plastic may prevent oxygen from reaching underground.

Despite of precautions and regular checking, things might still go wrong, but if one is watchful of the warning signs, then serious damage may be avoided. These include:

  • Sewage on the surface
  • Strong odor
  • The wet surface above the tank
  • Gurgling sound or noise from the plumbing system
  • Lush vegetation growth in drain field area

Septic tank maintenance is all about the regular checking, few precautions and being watchful of the warning signs. All this help in the successful working of the septic tank and hence the water waste processing.

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