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7 Hot Hacks And Trick Using Hot Melt Glue

Author: Sumitron Exports Pvt Ltd
by Sumitron Exports Pvt Ltd
Posted: Oct 18, 2018

Hot glue is also known by the name HMA or Hot Melt Glue. Sold in the form of solid and cylindrical sticks, the thermoplastic adhesive sticks are available in many different diameters. These glue sticks can be loaded into a hot melt glue gun directly, through the edge of which the glue is applied. The glue gun has an inbuilt heating element that can melt this glue, while the glue can be pulled out of the gun through finger pressure or pressing of the gun’s trigger.

Hot glue is used today in a number of industries and offers benefits including reduction in solvents of organic nature, elimination of curing, and a longer shelf or storage life. Here are some of the most unique uses and applications of the hot melt glue that point out towards their versatile nature.

  1. Using the glue for casting purpose You can use the hot glue as a kind of casting medium. Place an appropriate amount of the hot melt glue and press any object you want to be cast, into this healthy and thick application, before the glue dries out. The casting can be quiet and efficient.
  2. Acceleratio You may want your glue to hold on the materials you aim to join immediately. You may also want that this bond to stay for a long time period. While PVA wood/adhesive glue application may provide you long-term bonding, it may not hold on to the materials in a short time period. You can use the hot melt glue and adhesive along with the wood glue and get the best of both worlds.
  3. Sealin The hot-melt glue may also be used for sealing the container or other objects. The application of this adhesive provides for a watertight seal that does not even allow passage of air.
  4. Efficient prototyping in the least of time The hot melt glue can be termed as perfect for the prototypes. The glue would provide for adequate bonding strength, but it would also be easy to dismantle and remove the product’s individual prototype pieces whenever you want. This optimum bonding strength can only be found in the hot-melt adhesive. The glue helps you include all necessary changes in the least of time, and you may offer the best outcome through constant and easy revisions.
  5. Insulatio While the hot glue can always hold the wire, it can also be used towards insulating them and the other components that may be found on PCB. It is also quite easy to remove this glue and you can do this by using denatured alcohol.
  6. Watertight functionalit We can also use the adhesive for waterproofing substances and materials. You can make your strip lights, and the project boxes watertight by using the glue.
  7. Crafting and Modellin A hot melt adhesive is also an affordable option when you want to close the edges of the foam. Many of the models and crafts require that the edges of foam core are sealed. You can carve out a scrape out of the foam and apply the glue using it.

The hot glue is of immensely useful nature and is beneficial in a wide range of DIY projects, and the hot glue gun price in India is economical. It also has production and manufacturing related applications and is one of the most affordable options available to you.

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Rohit Jain is well qualified and trained electronic Engineer, he has good knowladge and experience about electronic tools and equipments industry.

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