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Explore Asia - The Continent Of Joy And Happiness

Author: Dong Ha
by Dong Ha
Posted: Nov 12, 2018

With the magical development, the 21st century is considered the century of Asia in all aspects of economy, culture, and tourism. Having the honor to introduce Asia to the world, Asia package travel is a Vietnam based tour operator providing a wide range of Asia tours for you to know and experience where to travel to Asia. Overview of Asia

Asia is the largest and most populous continent in the world which is situated in the northeast part of the earth. Asia overtakes 8,6% total area of the earth’s surface with a population of 4 billion people, which holds 60% population of the world.

Asia is adjacent to Africa via Suez canal, and distinct with Europe through Ural mountain range, Kara sea, Caspi sea, Black Sea.

Asia has various types of climate from the polar climate in Siberia to tropical climate in India and Southeast Asia. Siberia is considered one of the coldest regions in the world, while the Philippines and the east of Japan are the places affected heavily by the typhoon and earthquake. Two desserts of Gobi and Arap cover almost the area of the center of Asia, and the east of Asia is where the river deltas are located. The Yangtze River is the longest river of the continent starting from the center of Asia and flows in the Yellow Sea in the east. The Himalaya mountain range is the highest mountain range in the world with Mount Everest which is considered the roof of the earth. While the rainforests cover almost the area of the southern part, the coniferous forests stretch over the area in the north.

Asia is divided into 6 regions consisting of Northern Asia, Central Asia, Eastern Asia, Southeastern Asia, Southern Asia, and Southwestern Asia.

Asia map (via

The attractive tourist destinations in AsiaThailand

Thailand is also known as the nation of gold pagodas which is a small country in Southeast Asia. This is one of the most popular destinations in the world for those who want to have a relaxing vacation with friends in the tropical sunny beaches or experience the various and delicious street food. This country is also a shopping paradise in the world where everything here is cheap and pretty. Coming to Thailand, you can visit Bangkok, Phuket, Chiang Mai, etc. Most of the people in Thailand are the faithful of Buddhist, the pagodas are anywhere in the country on a different scale. There is no surprise if you catch the monks asking for food on the streets of the country, or a thousand people rush into the pagoda on special occasions.



Singapore is a modern and developed country which is very famous for its clean, and safety. This is the ideal destination for the holidays. There are a lot of attractive tourist destinations in this small country such as Merlion Park, Insect Kingdom, etc attracting a lot of international tourists. Besides that, this country is appreciated the high educational system and the ideal study environment for abroad students in the world.

Busan, South Korea

With a population of about 3.5 million, Busan is the second largest city and considered Korea's summer capital. In the summer, Koreans rush into the beautiful beaches of Busan, and the most famous beach in the city is Haeundae Beach, it is very suitable for a beach holiday. Taejongdae National Park on Yeongdo Island attracts visitors with steep cliffs facing the sea. Meanwhile, Mt. Geumjeongsan in the west of the city is a very popular walking spot. In the northern part of the city, the area around Busan National University has many theaters, cafes, restaurants, cafes, and cultural performances every weekend. It is the reason why Busan ranked on the first place of top must-visit places in Asia by Lonely Planet.



Uzbekistan is located in Central Asia. It shares borders with Kazakhstan in the west and north, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan in the east and Afghanistan and Turkmenistan in the south. Not only famous for the series of mausoleums, temples which are scattered along the Silk Road - an ancient trade route connecting China with the Mediterranean Sea, Uzbekistan also makes many tourists cringe with famous destinations such as the Shahi-Zinda Shrine, the Gurkha Zij Observatory or the Kalyan Tower. Besides that, this country is very famous for the vast steppes and herbs of cattle.

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh City has its own beauty in the culture, lifestyle and the 'erratic' of the weather. Anyone who comes to this city will find it hard to resist the temptation of dining, night walks, ice cream coffee, and colorful traditional markets. Near the city center, there are a lot of natural and historical attractions as well as things to do in Ho Chi Minh city. Cu Chi tunnel in the suburb of Ho Chi Minh city is a Vietnam War relic that is a meaningful site for those who want to learn the life in combat and production of Vietnamese people during Vietnam war. Mekong delta tours or beach tours are also good choices for you to enjoy the holiday.

Nagasaki, Japan

The city is located on the southwestern coast of Kyushu Island - the southernmost island in the four main islands of Japan. This was the center of European influence during the Middle Ages of Japan from the first contact until the seclusion period to the period of Japanese openness and modernization during the Meiji era. In addition to historical value, Nagasaki is also famous for its rich cuisine and charming scenery that attracts visitors from far and nearby.


Sichuan, China

Sichuan has abundant tourism resources, with beautiful natural scenery, culture and long history. Sichuan tourism resources in both quantity and quality are among the top in China. Sichuan has five world heritages, including three natural heritages: the Jiuquan Cretaceous, the Huanglong, the Great Panda Reserve; a cultural heritage is Jing Zheng Mountain; a natural and cultural heritage is Emei-Leshan Great Buddha. By 2011, Sichuan had 14 national scenic spots and 74 provincial scenic spots. Sichuan is also home to panda which is listed in the red book of the world for the protected species.

Sichuan, China

Komodo National Park, Indonesia

Located on Sunda Islands border between East Nusa Tenggara and West Nusa Tenggara, Komodo national park consists of three large islands, Komodo, Padar and Rinca, and 26 small islands, totaling 1,733 km². In 1991, Komodo National Park was recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. This is a favorite destination for those who want to explore, explore the natural world. Moreover, this is home to the largest lizard of the world- Komodo dragon, this is a rare animal just living in this island.

Lumbini, Nepal

Lumbini is a famous Buddhist pilgrimage site in Nepal. There are two ways to get to Lumbini from Kathmandu. The cheapest way is to take the bus leaving Kathmandu at 7 am and arrive at Bhairahawa or Sunauli at 4 pm. Then take the bus, or taxi for another thirty-minute journey to Lumbini. In this way, it takes you three days to go and visit the Buddha Land. Faster but more expensive way is to take a plane. It takes about 40 minutes from Kathmandu to Gautama Buddha Airport in Bhairahawa.


Western Ghats, India

The Western Ghats is one of the 10 "hotspots of biodiversity" site in the world with over 5000 species of flowering plants, 139 species of mammals, 508 species of birds and 179 species of amphibians. There are also many undiscovered species. In 2012, due to its biodiversity and its importance to its monsoon climate, UNESCO has placed the site on the World Heritage List.

Asia package travel will lead you to many aspects of surprises. Coming to us, you will have numerous choices to travel including group tours and private tours. Thank you for choosing us as your companion. Have a nice trip!

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