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Why Android is beneficial as a platform for app development?

Author: Hemendra Singh
by Hemendra Singh
Posted: Jul 31, 2019
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Google is the most used search engine in the world. We all know that! Google is known to offer excellent technological products and services. Be it google assistant, google shopping, apps, artificial intelligence, or Android, everything is seamlessly amazing.

In this article, we are going to discuss why Android is the best choice for app developers. Android is a decade old. Google released Android on 23rd of September in the year 2008. Android has had various versions till date. Every update of Android has brought some amazing features to the users.

There are more than 2 billion monthly active users of Android. Source. Statista; a major research company has stated that 88 percent smartphone sold in the second half of 2018 were Android-based. Android is the most used operating system.

It is extremely important to understand what makes Android so famous. Why more than 80 percent of smartphone users prefer using Android rather than ios and windows. Every app development company has a question in mind; which platform to choose.

It is a difficult and important decision as it can affect the complete results. Every app development company prefers conducting thorough research before selecting any platform. The objective of the app can also help in the decision. But why most of the app developers prefer Android?

Here is a scoop of amazing advantages of Android:

1. Open source:

Mobile app developers face certain challenges while working on some other platforms. Other closed source platforms require great cost to leverage them. Android is an open source platform. Developers need not worry about cost, license, and royalty to use the Android Software Development Kit (SDK). as the source code is readily available, developers are optimizing the usage of this operating system in various devices. Hence internet of things i.e. IoT can see great success with Android.

The Android team offers great help to the developers in assisting them for resolving issues. Developers can get help from Android support team or from other developers available on various platforms.

There are some dedicated platforms for Android. People can ask questions and get answers in less time on such platforms. Android Forums.

2. Wearable devices:

Wearable devices market is growing with a rocket pace. Wearable devices are a hot topic of the technology market. Android, Apple, Amazon are some famous names working on smart wearable devices. Global wearable device market is estimated to exceed 45% in upcoming years.

Android is planning to bring more innovative and excellent devices to engage and entertain the end user. Android is all set to support various wearable devices including smartwatches, Augmented Reality devices, Virtual reality devices, etc. Android as an operating system offers amazing features along with great communication through wearable devices.

3. Huge market share:

As discussed above, Android has a huge market share. If compared with iOS and Windows, Android is having a maximum number of users. iOS, on the other hand, is restricted to only Apple devices like iPhone and iPad. Android can support devices of any brand and any type.

Developers can always benefit from this huge popularity in terms of reachability. Android has more than 2 billion monthly active devices. After all, Android owns 84% of the market share of Mobile Operating Systems.

Developers and client organizations can benefit from this popularity as they get a ready-made platform to showcase their unique idea of the app.

4. Easy adoption:

Java is the most used programming language. Another advantage of using Android is that developers do not need to learn new languages. In iOS app development, developers are supposed to first learn Swift. Swift is an official programming language needed for iOS app development.

As there is already a good number of Java users, it becomes very easy for them to adopt. Many Java developers have stated that they find it very easy to develop Android apps. Java is not the limit. Developers can also use other programming languages and tools to develop Android apps.

5. Easy customization:

What if all apps seem similar? What if there was no customization? The Android app development offers versatile easy customization options enabling Android developers to build apps with diverse functionalities. Complex technical customization can be performed with an ease in Android. Android fulfills different requirements of the business.

Developers can easily customize Communication tools, data management functions, and multimedia tools with Android. Developers keep an eye on reviews from end users. Users are the best testers. All app development companies offer great priority to customer reviews.

These developers tend to make changes in the app as per the customer suggestions. Android’s easy customization facility has made it very simple to adapt the app. It has also made third-party integration very easy.

6. Cost effective:

The term ROI stands for return on investment. The cost required to invest in Android is very less as compared to other platforms. Besides, the benefits offered by Android are way delightful. Ultimately, the ROI increases. As it is an open source platform, the Software Development Kit (SDK) is available for free.

Android app developers are required to pay a one-time registration fee for app distribution. The development cost varies in all projects. Client organizations can deploy the task to cost-effective Android App Development company to gain higher ROI.

7. Excellent support for graphics:

In comparison with other app development platforms, Android offers a wide range of graphic design features. This is the major reason why Android is the most favored platform for game development. Game apps require high graphics features which are offered by Android. Designers can offer intuitive and attractive graphic design with Android.

Android app development platform offers built-in support for creating amazing 2D and 3D graphics. As we know, the design of the app creates the first impression of the app. It is extremely significant to create the best first impression. It helps to bring more traffic to your website.

8. Security:

Though Android has lenient guidelines and rules for app development in comparison to iPhone, it focuses more on security. As Android is used for all types of apps including enterprise apps, banking apps, payment apps, wallet apps, etc., Google has always taken great care of security measures.

Conclusion: Android is the best platform to develop amazing and high-quality apps. Above listed are the top advantages of using Android as a platform for Android Application Development. There are more advantages and you can say the list is never-ending. To get optimized results from an Android app, it is suggested to hire dedicated Android app development company.

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My name is Hemendra Singh. I am Managing Director and Co-Founder of The NineHertz, a Mobile App Development Company. My ideology is that, a clear vision and hard work builds a great company.

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