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Why is the mobile app the smartest solution to boost sales in the holiday season?

Author: Hemendra Singh
by Hemendra Singh
Posted: Jul 31, 2019
holiday season

However, we know that the holidays are the most wanted thing for everyone, whether it is employees, businessmen or students, everyone needs the holiday.

It is the time in which people can enjoy their life, can go for the shopping, on vacation to the different states and cities and so on. The holiday season is also very helpful for the technology. Yes, it is like a golden period for the mobile apps and websites to boost their sale.

During the holiday people just want to rest and enjoy, so they choose the easier way to get things which they need. During the holiday season, people mostly go for the online shopping, spend their most of the hours in mobile apps, gaming and so on, which relatively give the boost in the sale of the mobile apps in comparison to the non-holiday season.

In the recent survey, it has been estimated that nearly 5% of people declared that they won’t be joining them in the festivities.

In the U.S the period of holiday time starts from the November end and continue till the year-end, the whole US drench in the lovely colors of the holiday.

The list of their holiday goes on till the year-end. And during this time the people of US enjoy their fun-loving time, shopping, holiday with friends and family and so much more thing.

At this point in time, we should at the statistical figures to know about the horizon to mobile retail market in the holiday season.

Figures tell a true story

If we look at the sales during the holiday season, the survey report shows that in 2013, the U.S. retail industry produced more than 3 trillion U.S. dollars. This is not just this, but it is only that this number is more important than the sales figures for the rest of the year.

Speaking of the online market, sales data increased year-on-year. In a recent report from Adobe, online sales hit a new record of $3.99 billion on Cyber Monday at 2016, while Black Friday created $3.34 billion in online sales (only $1.19 billion). Thanksgiving brings $9.33 billion in mobile revenue.

Statistics of the number in the holidays

  • => Total number of visits through mobile- 44%
  • => Visit through smartphones- 38%
  • => Sallies through mobiles- 31%
  • => Sales through smartphones- 22%
  • => Tablet visit and sales- 9% each

After seeing these you must be eager to know about the shopping trend that hit the holiday season of 2016. The shopping trends of the 2016 holiday season 2016 are to go mobile. Customers today are now opting for the smarter way to shop and the supporting evidence for this is the above figures.

Do you have a mobile application?

Being the online businessman, if you don’t have the mobile application then you are missing many things. Mobile application benefits the website to a very much extent.

It makes company to interact with their customers and to make them know about the latest discounts and offers that they are offering to their customers on their app or websites.

You can take the help of app development companies for creating your website’s mobile app.

Many traveling websites have a website and as well as mobile app and this help them to give their customers notification personally on their phones about the latest package, fight ticket fares and so on.

So, through this, they don’t have to go again and again on their website through the notification they can know about the packages and can also book their tickers and hotels from the mobile app.

This increase the sales mostly in the holiday seasons, as people search for the most convenient way, so the mobile apps help them and why it is the most convenient option because mobile is the handy thing which people can carry anywhere.

So, the mobile apps are very much needed if your business is all depended on the internet. In today’s time, people leaning towards the technology advancements and this is high time that you step out of the old traditional way of marketing and use the technology advancement which only gives your business a good opportunity to grow.

But there are a few things that you need to look upon, before building your mobile application, if you got successful to fix them then you will be needed the best developer.

How can you develop a perfect mobile app?

If you are new to this and want to develop your mobile app then this question to ask is natural for all.

You can give your project to an app development company or can hire an app developer for your mobile application. As there are many developers in the market, you can find the one easily.

What is trending in this holiday season to increase the sale?

There is no doubt that holidays are at their peak and new benchmarks are forming. We have seen the trend of people buying online, and how the application will seize the market in the storm.

According to another report, the online market for toys, DIY, and hobbies is growing substantially, and it has earned 252.7 billion U.S. dollars in revenue.

These figures clearly show that this part is the point of interest of people. Therefore, there is nothing wrong with saying that the online application for selling toys is the main reason for your entrepreneurial risk.

However, before contacting the final e-commerce store, you need to fully research the product. In addition, you need to understand how to reach your target audience.

Whenever the needs and preferences of the users’ change, it brings a drastic change in the market, especially in the retail segment. To withstand in the market and to grow, you need to stay a step ahead of your competitors.

The key to achieving this goal is to use your marketing strategy to innovate and align with your target audience's approach. You need to understand your product first, and on this basis understand the target audience and its geographic location, age range, trends and other factors.

About the Author

My name is Hemendra Singh. I am Managing Director and Co-Founder of The NineHertz, a Mobile App Development Company. My ideology is that, a clear vision and hard work builds a great company.

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