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How To Find the Best QA Consultant?

Author: Hemendra Singh
by Hemendra Singh
Posted: Jul 31, 2019
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Have ever wondered what makes customer retain to some services for years? Any company that has excellent brand value can teach us one thing. Quality is the key!

When we talk about quality, it is not just related to the products and services you offer. But also to the websites and apps of your brand. Any organization in this globe struggles a lot to deliver the best in quality product/service.

Cost is an essential factor that influences the quality of the product. Many organizations give higher preference to cost and ignore the value of quality. Such brands gain great success in less time but soon see great failure too!

Moral of the story is, whatever you offer, make sure the quality is excellent. The buying behavior of all consumers involves quality assurance.

Almost all customers look out for products or services with good quality and are ready to pay a bit more for the same. As the economic condition of all major countries is changing, consumers find it normal to pay extra for good quality.

This buying behavior is the major reason behind the great success of big brands. Every wonder why some brands are too famous? Quality products and services bring ultimate success.

Did you know that only 16 percent of users tend to try a mobile app twice even after a bad quality experience?

The question here is, how to calculate quality. Quality is something that does not have any measure. There are certain tests to find out what level of quality services are you offering.

To analyze the quality, companies hire quality assurance consultant.. Organizations either hire the consultants or simply outsource the work.

Outsourcing has an extra benefit. Companies can get honest suggestions about the quality as the consultants are not biased.

In this article, we are going to learn what are the characteristics every good QA consultant must have. After reviewing these characteristics, companies can understand what considerations should be made while outsourcing the QA process.

1. Experience

It is the first thing every organization should take a note of. It is highly important to outsource quality assurance tasks to well-experienced consultants. How many years of experience does the consultant have? What type of projects he has handled?

It is recommended to outsource QA testing to the consultants with a variety of experience. The consultant must understand the depth of each project and should be able to tackle every critical situation.

2. Transparency

As the QA consultant is not like any other tester, level of transparency should be high. In this highly competitive world, organizations are in no mood of compromise in quality of product/service.

The QA consultant must communicate in a transparent way. The QA process requires honest answers and direct questions. The consultant should have good communication skills and must have clear knowledge about the product/service.

The consultant must be able to express the scope of improvement and quality related loopholes in the product. How can a consultant offer proper verdict if he has not tried different products of the same category? Let us take an example.

A QA consultant is given work to test the quality of a restaurant mobile app. He should be able to understand how other restaurant mobile apps work. Then only he can understand the level of quality.

3. Ability to work with the latest tools

This is an important aspect to check in any QA consultant. There are numerous tools and technologies present in the market regarding quality assurance.

The analytical tools are used to measure the quality of products or services. Every good QA consultant must be able to access all latest tools and technologies.

Using such tools can be extremely helpful. Such technologies reduce the efforts and time spent on quality assurance.

4. Sound technical skills

Sound technical skills can be achieved only with proper education, training, and experience. Always choose a trained consultant. As quality assurance plays a vital role in any kind of process, the technical knowledge should be sound.

5. Reports

A good QA consultant must deliver reports. Every QA consultant's first job is to identify quality loopholes. If the consultant is unable to send reports from time to time, the quality of end product might suffer.

The importance of timely reports is high since it avoids huge mistakes and developers can take proper action in time.

Also, report generation skills are important. Make sure that the QA consultant delivers well organized and detailed reports.

6. Team player

The consultant should be able to cope up with the organization's environment. As it is well known that testers and app developers face some sort of conflicts, make sure the team environment is healthy.

Make sure the consultant has a professional approach towards the work and is able to overcome any problems in the team.

7. Creativity

A good QA consultant is not the one who identifies quality loopholes only. Every good QA consultant must be able to offer suggestions.

A highly experienced QA consultant can always put forth valuable suggestion about the product to enhance its quality.

To offer suggestions, the consultant must have a creative mind. Adding certain things or features in the end product can bring exceptional changes in sales.

8. Afterward services

The best QA consultant is the one who offers afterward services too. Simply identifying quality issues and getting a solution for them is not all. QA consultants must offer any sort of guidance required to the developers or maintenance team.

When a product is launched in the market, there are chances of getting requirements of change by the end users. A good QA consultant takes part in this process and delivers great solutions.


The first thing noticed by consumers is the quality of the product or service. Consumers have a common concern about quality. Organizations must understand the depth of quality in their product.

Companies hire or outsource quality assurance task to best consultants. By following all the above considerations, companies can definitely find the best QA consultant.

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My name is Hemendra Singh. I am Managing Director and Co-Founder of The NineHertz, a Mobile App Development Company. My ideology is that, a clear vision and hard work builds a great company.

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