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Limited on budget while making your Android App? Check these 5 ways to cut down the Cost

Author: Hemendra Singh
by Hemendra Singh
Posted: Jul 31, 2019

Most of the people are thrifty and like to spend judiciously when it comes to money. They try ways to save as much as they could. At last, the money is very precious to all of us.

It is money which makes the world go round. Even if money is available in abundance, spending it on anything without giving any thought is foolish. This is so called, Money saved is the money earned.

As in the case with any investment, the mobile app development is also a risky affair. It should be properly analyzed and risk assessment should be done. There are many ways to find whether your money is being spent properly or not.

Some of the methods involve cost optimization and revenue maximization, while others look into the operational aspects that can be optimized.

All of these analyze a different aspect of working of android app development. Thus for any Android app development firm, it is imperative to categorize each and every aspect of development and put to test by the Android app developer.

The following are the 5 ways through which Android app developers can cut costs.

1] Streamlining processes and making resources accessible

App developers must simplify the processes to make it more aligned with the end product. With each new and different process, it becomes difficult to manage them all.

They are needed to consolidate and categorised to harmonize their working so that they do not interfere with each other. The resources required by these processes should also be made easily accessible to them so that the processes do not create any deadlock.

Swift and smooth functioning of the app make it more appealing and reliable to customers and they will increase its purchase or use.

2] Proper testing of apps before going live to customers

Most of the costs come from the bugs and development issues raised after the release of App. So if somehow the developers cold fathom these bugs before the product going to release, they can spend fewer resources and time on fixing them.

Here come the testing department and the software testers. They ensure the end product is according to the customer specification and performs all the intended functions.

Testing should be done at every stage of Android apps development to eliminate the possibility of any future bug. Bug reporting to the developer and getting feedback from him must be done. Any communication must be documented and verified for future references.

3] Employing better-skilled professionals

Having highly skilled personnel or staff does increase the burden of labour cost but it reduces the overall cost of training and supervision. It also enhances confidence and commitment towards the company.

The skills and experience of employees help in running the company smoothly without any external supervision. It also brings expertise and valuable experience to the company and its other employees. Any inexperienced employee can get many lessons on the job from expert employees. They also help in creating a disciplined and sincere environment

4] Having a good assessment of customer demands

Before starting to build an app developer must get the specifications and requirements of the customer very well. The customer should be involved in the early part of the product description and functional specifications. They must be kept in the loop about the development of the product at every stage.

Customers should also be intimated about the viability of different functions. If any function does not seem viable for them to the product then the customer must be informed and suggested with alternatives. In the end, the customer must be involved in the testing of the Android app to get a final feedback.

5] Developing flexible apps that suit different demands of different customers

No app can satisfy each customer it is intended to. So the one-size-fits-all motto might not work. To appeal to a wide variety of customers with different tastes and preferences, Android App developers should develop Apps that can cater to different demands of customers. These can come in different versions or modules.

The apps can have paid, trial or free version. They can also have different logins for professionals, students and others. The flexibility in business rules can also be done by asking for different rates for varied services.

Though there are many other ways to cut costs for Android Apps development, the above-mentioned ways help in improvising on the development process and give Android app developers upper hand on the causes that spiral up the costs of development.

These methods require android development firms to look into their organizational structure and operational working. Improving on them will surely lead to a higher profit margin and lower costs.

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My name is Hemendra Singh. I am Managing Director and Co-Founder of The NineHertz, a Mobile App Development Company. My ideology is that, a clear vision and hard work builds a great company.

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