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OSRS event 2018 is active & gain Rs3gold buy runescape 3 gold cheap with 8% off

Author: Lily Elice
by Lily Elice
Posted: Dec 17, 2018

OSRS event is active now with until Jan10, do you already learn about some detail of this event, here are some information for you deeply understand and join this event now, but you should know that Rs3gold offer 8% off code "RCX8" for you all buying cheap rs gold.

Easy & quick guide for OSRS Christmas 2018

  1. Head to the 1st floor of the castle in Lumbridge and speak to Duke Horacio. Ask him all possible questions.
  2. Obtain OSRS Christmas tree costume in the following steps:

Get festive tree branches by using a knife on snow-covered trees;

Get waste gems by searching the barrel of gems near the furnace;

Get a church decoration by searching the altar in the church;

Tie these together with a ball of wool.

  1. Return to the Duke for a list.
  2. Collect and give items to the characters on the list when you’re wearing the Christmas tree costume.

Hans OSRS – Head to Duke’s room and take the red chair.

Count Check OSRS – Talk to the smithing apprentice and obtain some golden rings.

Gillie OSRS – Talk to Bob to get an amulet of duplication for Gillie Groats.

Farmer Fred OSRS – Use a spade and dig the pear tree sapling out near the castle entrance.

Doomsayer OSRS – Speak to the Doomsayer and ask him about the Christmas event, and then get a knight summoner from Party Pete in the Falador Party Room.

5. Return to the Duke after giving gifts to everyone. Event complete!

Bonus event during OSRS Christmas 2018

A bonus event is active as well during OSRS 2018 Christmas event. To join in this event for fun, head to the farm of Farmer Fred OSRS and find a cow pen with a cowboy. Kill cows to obtain a cow tail and then find an unattackable cow and pin the tail on them.


Player owned house could really increase the bonding the players (Think of The sims). Updates for player owned house &buy Rs3gold 8% off rs gold now

A large scale rework probably won't happen, but I think there is some minor update that can encourage players to visit their PoH and feel that they have a cozy room for their avatar (Now we just sleep next to bank to heal...)

First ninja type:

Make the god book refund when we use the book to the bookselves. (I accidentally take the original god book, and found that i have no way to make it into the illuminated one, so 100k gone)

Minor update:

1. Fireplace: fire place gives extra lp bonus and lengthening the time of effect; the highest tier fireplace provide protection against wvyern coldest effect.

Example: clay fire place: 50% extra bon fire lp boost (e.g 5% -> 7.5%); 50% extra time.

  1. Altar: Altar gives added a temporal prayer related benefit (e.g. reduce prayer drain rate, boost maximium prayer level) The effect can be modified by the tier of altar and burner (higher tier -> stronger effect, longer time), Also allow us to swab curse/prayer at poh altar.
  2. Kitchen: a existing range/high level range (80+ construction, cost ~600k range) which provide the same benefit as the one in arc (extra portion of food).
  3. Bedroom: restore stats and lp to normal (passive effect when entering the room, or interact with bed).
  4. Skill hall: new hotspot: "phoenix in cage" - 100 phoenix feather, 10 steel bar; same as the desert phoenix but won't fail (elite desert also affect this).
  5. Formal garden: The fountain recharge dragonstone jewellery (after completion of respective quest).
  6. Portal chamber: portal nexus in OSRS is a good example!
  7. Study: allow us to swap spellbook (can use the globe, which has no known function.
  8. Quest room: new hot spot to allow reclaim of the task set armor (wilderness sword require gp though).

Major update (new room):

Bath: allow bath similar to ooglog to be built. (after completion of respective quest)

Farm: allow an extra patch for allotment, herb, flower and fruit tree.

Apothecary: a temporary boost of combat effectiveness. (additive to potion)

Breweries: an extra slot to make brew (also shorten the time to make ales to 3 hours)

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