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How ISO 50001:2018 documentation kit helps in certification?

Author: Shaun White
by Shaun White
Posted: Dec 30, 2018

Today, the global community is facing multi-pronged energy challenge. To help organizations continually reduce their energy consumption and costs and curtail greenhouse gas emissions, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) released ISO 50001 Energy Management System (EnMS) standard in June 2011. The latest edition, i.e. ISO 50001:2018, was released in August 2018. The purpose is to enable any organization, whatever its size and sector, to follow systematic approach for continuous improvement in energy performance. Energy performance of the ISO 50001 system is measured with the energy efficiency, energy use and consumption. ISO 50001:2018 is designed to implement independently, but can be integrated with other systems like Quality, Environment, Food safety, and Occupational health and safety management systems. Like other ISO management system standards, ISO 50001:2018 certification is desired; however, it is not obligatory. But it is in the self-interest of organizations to implement EnMS and achieve ISO 50001:2018 certification.

Why organizations want ISO 50001:2018 certification

Globally, several organizations are now implementing ISO 50001:2018 system to reap the benefits of energy conservation and fulfill the commitment towards environment protection. Certification ensures that their implemented system conforms to the requirements of ISO 50001:2018 standard. This adds to the value of the organization and gives an edge over competitors. Following are some key advantages of the ISO 50001:2018 certification:

  • Minimizes the risk of regulatory and energy liability fines.
  • Improves organization's energy efficiency.
  • Reduces consumption of resources, and hence, waste generation.
  • Reduces operating costs and increases profitability.
  • Increases long-term viability of businesses.
  • Helps in identification of possible areas which can save costs, such as recycling, landfill costs, and utilities.
  • Positive response from investors, lenders, and insurers.
  • Provides competitive advantage against companies that do not have ISO 50001:2018 certification.

How ISO 50001:2018 documentation kit helps in certification?

For achieving ISO 50001:2018 certification, organizations need to cross three major milestones - system implementation, complete and accurate documentation, and successful audit. During the journey for achieving ISO 50001:2018 certification, most of the organizations need help of ISO 5001:2018 Consultancy and/ or ISO 5001:2018 Documentation Kit. Moreover, appointing permanent employee for ISO 5001:2018 certification is considered unwise decision as it involves large costs.

Considering the above things, purchasing ISO 50001:2018 documentation kit and/or taking ISO 5001:2018 consultancy from an expert ISO consultant like Global Manager Group(India) is quite beneficial for any organization who wants to achieve ISO 50001:2018 certification. ISO 50001:2018 documentation kit provides sample documents, including ISO 50001 manual, procedures, SOPs and forms, etc. Based on the sample documents, organizations can make their own documents for ISO 50001:2018 certification in a very short time.

We suggest purchasing ISO 50001:2018 Manual, Procedures, etc., from Global Manager Group, as these documents are completely editable and organizations can modify them easily according to their own system. Our suggestion is based on the fact that Global Manager Group, industry leader in ISO 50001 certification worldwide, has over 25 years of experience of providing ISO certification consultancy and selling ready-to-use ISO documentation kits. With the help of its ISO 50001 documentation kit and consultancy, large number of organizations spread over almost 36 countries have achieved ISO 50001 certification. However, ultimately only you are the decision maker for purchasing documentation kit or taking consultancy service from any ISO consultancy service provider.

While purchasing ISO 50001:2018 documentation kit look for the quality and contents of the kit. Once you decide to take consultancy service, also look into the track record and client base of the company.

What an ISO 50001:2018 documentation kit should contain?

A good ISO 50001:2018 documentation kit should include at least the following:

  • A sample ISO 50001:2018 Manual with Energy Policy, which meets the requirements for certification
  • ISO 50001 Procedures to implement the EnMS in the organization and comply with ISO 50001:2018 requirements.
  • Exhibits for energy objectives and targets and EnMS operational control plan.
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and work instructions for EnMS and for energy saving and energy control.
  • EnMS templates and forms to demonstrate implementation of EnMS.
  • EnMS plans as per ISO 50001:2018.
  • ISO 50001 2018 audit checklist
  • Sample risk assessment sheet.

So, don't waste time; purchase a good ISO 50001:2018 documentation kit and start preparation for quick ISO 50001:2018 certification.


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As Iso Consultant profession since last many years Shaun has rich experience in preparing such certification documents within Iso guideline to his global clients to acquire better Iso Certification Solution to their Organization.

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