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Benefits for ISO 50001 Certification for an organization

Author: Punyam Academy
by Punyam Academy
Posted: Aug 19, 2019
iso 50001

ISO 50001 allows organizations to establish a practice around the use of energy that reduces business risk and improves productivity and operations. The elective Energy management system standard helps organizations boost energy productivity and cut costs, ultimately helping the organization.

ISO 50001 gives a framework in order to attain energy goals-reducing consumption of energy resources which in return helps to reduce climate change, and also improving the efficiency within your organization’s operations.

ISO 50001 offers quantifiable cost benefits to organisations. ISO 50001 Certification allows organizations to achieve biggest transparency and assists best practice in energy management by specifying how energy is consumed. The ISO 50001 energy management system framework can improve your bottom line through systematic improvements. Companies which have ISO 50001 certification benefit from increase reputation by being able to demonstrate their environmental commitments.

Benefits of ISO 50001 Certification:

  • Create a policy for more efficient use of energy
  • Use data for better understanding and making decisions for concerning energy use and consumption
  • To estimate the results of energy efficiency improvements
  • Review the effectiveness of the energy policy
  • Continually improve energy management
  • ISO 50001 supports the development of an energy policy and contributes to the structure of an energy plan for achieving desirable targets.
  • ISO 50001 facilitates commitment and agreement of management and has a positive contribution towards the energy objectives.
  • An ISO 50001-based Energy Management System generates awareness and a commitment about energy (i.e. consumption, use, efficiency, renewable sources) within the organization.
  • ISO 50001 improves the capacity of organizations to manage energy risks related to potential impacts efficiently and effectively.
  • ISO 50001 strengthens the competitiveness of organizations and reduces their vulnerability to fluctuations in energy prices and energy availability.
  • ISO 50001 allows to establish a process of comparative evaluation
  • An ISO 50001 allows organizations to achieve credible external visibility of energy saving actions.
  • ISO 50001 provides a better understanding between predictable energy demand and supply.
  • It reduces energy costs and improves profitability.
  • The benefits of implementing the ISO 50001 standard are identified and communicated to top management. It is essential that ISO 50001 consultants clearly understands the benefits of ISO 50001 and executes to it by creating an energy policy stating the organization’s commitment to the frequent improvement of energy performance.

    The energy policy must also with the respect of any legal and other requirements expected of the organization. A management representative then needs to be appointed, with appropriate skills and competency, needed to carry out the required tasks in managing and increasing the energy management system. The energy manager selects and forms successfully the organisation's energy team.

    A review of the activities which may impact the energy performance must be acceptable. An energy review is a process to determine an organization’s energy performance based on existing data, actual measurement and/or predictions, leading to identification of opportunities for improvement on energy performance. During the energy review, several things need to be identified: current energy sources, past and present energy consumption, significant energy users, their energy performance indicators and opportunities for improving energy performance.

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