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What Is ISO 50001:2018

Author: Abhishek Bediskar
by Abhishek Bediskar
Posted: Apr 23, 2019
iso 50001

ISO 50001:2011 was originally published in June 2011 by International Organization for Standardization, and now ISO has published the second edition of 50001:2011 to 50001:2018 In August 2018. ISO 50001:2011 Stands For Energy Management Systems (EnMS) EnMS is based on the principles of companies planning energy policies, manage the energy consumption and making improvements by testing the performance of energy management systems.

ISO 50001 standard specifies the requirements for establishing, maintaining, improving and implementing the energy management system, Whose goal is to helps the organization in energy performance, energy security, energy efficiency, and energy consumption. ISO 50001 Standard also aims to reduce the energy use, energy cost and their greenhouse gas emissions of the organization.

ISO 50001 is suitable for all types of organization large or small it creates awareness of roles in the workplace. The main motive of this standard is to boost energy performance and benefits in cost saving. The design of ISO 50001 is according to other ISO management system, in special ISO 9001 (Quality Management Systems) and ISO 14001 (Environmental Management Systems). after all these three management systems are focused on the PDCA (plan-do-check-act) cycle.

Ten Major Aspects To ISO 50001:2018

  • Planning
  • Scope
  • Terms and definitions
  • Normative references
  • Leadership
  • Support
  • Operation
  • Context of the organization
  • Performance Evaluation
  • Improvement

Benefits of ISO 50001:2018

  • ISO 50001 Reduce energy usage cost.
  • ISO 50001 based on EnMS (Energy Management System) which provides a better understanding between predictable energy demand and supply.
  • ISO 50001 allows the organizations to maintain their energy consumption, Which reduces energy bills by increasing company savings.
  • ISO 50001 Reduces energy by up to 10% within 12 months.
  • ISO 50001 improves operational performance and cost reductions in all section.
  • ISO 50001 Reduces greenhouse gas while using energy more efficiently.
  • ISO 50001 allows every employee to be aware of their role in Energy Management.
  • ISO 50001 Improved business image and authority among clients, customer, and stakeholders.
  • ISO 50001 Recognised as a globally international standard.
  • ISO 50001 Continually improve in energy management.
  • ISO 50001 Promotes energy management system.
  • ISO 50001 Fix the objectives and Fix energy efficiency targets to meet the policy.
  • ISO 50001 avoid energy hazards.
  • ISO 50001 Implement energy efficient technology.
  • ISO 50001 allows the establishment of a Standard process.

How To Get ISO 50001:2018

  • Gap analysis: Gap analysis helps to see which area should need more work before the formal judgment and helps to save your time and money.
  • Implementation: After knowing the standard, make sure that ISO 50001 is implemented and operational within the organization.
  • Formal appraisal: it has developed -To review all the organization’s measurement by ISO 50001 procedures and controls.
  • Internal Audit: At this point organization lookout for non-conformity and took correct actions properly.
  • Certification achieved: Certification is valid only for 3 years, Certification confirms that the energy management system meets the provision of ISO 50001. This gives stakeholders, customers/client, employees, and management more assurance that the organization is saving energy.

ISO 50001:2018 Requirements

  • Describe the scope of the policy.
  • By making a better decision for energy usage.
  • appropriate Documentation.
  • ISO 50001 determines the requirements for maintaining, improving, establishing and implementing an energy management system.
  • Measure the results of the energy management system.
  • ISO 50001 applies to all variables affecting energy performance that can control and influenced by the organization.
  • Continually improve in the energy management system.
  • The internal audit of the energy management system.
  • Manage reports.

Eventually By understanding ISO 50001 which helps you achieve your goals and allows your company to get the desired result.

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