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Features Incorporated In VoIP Software Solution

Author: Deepak Mishra
by Deepak Mishra
Posted: Jan 10, 2019
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There is a number of companies today in the VoIP business who are offering the VoIP software solution. The companies have been offering the complete bundle of packages that will be easy for an organization that is going to change their whole system into the VOIP. This may be the reason also why the organizations prefer to buy VOIP software solution.

When VoIP has just started there was some quality issue that was not in interest when it was coming to the organization. But now at this point, VoIP has been changed dramatically and there will be no any issue. The service provides you with the best quality and also this system is very cost effective.

In the bundle packages, there are a lot of features which is being incorporated in the VoIP software solution. With all of the features implemented there will be ease of use in the system and hence the customer will be feeling happy too. The features incorporated will increase efficiency as well as productivity.

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Incorporated features in VoIP software solution

There is a wide range of features that are incorporated with VoIP software solution. These features are listed below:

  • Auto attendants: It is a voice menu system which allows callers to transfer the calls to an extension without going through an operator.
  • Voicemail: Voicemail is a voice message that a caller leaves when the person called is absent or is taken up with another conversation.
  • Caller ID: Caller Identity is an easy way to screen and manage incoming calls by seeing the caller's number on your cell phone before you choose to answer.
  • Music on hold: It is a feature where the caller will listen to the recorded music to fill up the silence when they’ve been put on hold.
  • Call routing: Call routing is a call management procedure wherein a call is sent to a specific queue after being qualified by the telephony system.
  • Virtual extensions: A virtual extension is a number that forwards to another phone number.
  • Dial-by-name directory: The dial by name directory is an application that allows callers to reach users in your system by keying in the first few letters of a name in order to dial the user that the caller is looking for.
  • Call forwarding: In the call forwarding, the call can be redirected to another destination which is given by the user with the help of a telephone switching system.
  • Call recording: Call recording software enables you to record telephone conversations either over a PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) or VoIP (Voice over IP) in a digital audio file format.
  • Call logs & call reports: Call logging is the tracking of telephone calls and deciphering the information. The call report includes the result of each call or visit so one can measure the salesperson's success rate.
  • Unified messaging: With the different devices which have been logged in, the customer can do all type of communication which includes messaging, e-mail, FAX, voicemail, video messaging etc.
  • FoIP: FoIP stands for Fax over IP and refers to the process of sending and receiving faxes via a VoIP network.
  • Ring groups: A Ring Group is a feature that allows you to have multiple phones ring when one extension or number is dialed.
  • Visual Dial Plan Editor: The visual Dial Plan Editor is an intuitive tool that contains different nodes (dial plan actions) to set up a dial plan for any scenario.
  • Intercom: VoIP Intercom is a smart home intercom which includes a high definition camera and a two-way SIP-based communication sound system allowing you to see and communicate with visitors at your door integrated with your home automation system as a standard VoIP device.
  • Call queues: A call queue places incoming calls in line to be answered while extension users are busy with other calls.
  • Speed dial: If the user wants to call the important people in one go then they can use speed dial which will assign a short number to the contact and will call once the number is long pressed.
  • Custom schedules: An event or actions which have to perform on a specific date and time without any repeat frequency.
  • Remote access: Remote access is the ability to access a computer or a network remotely through a network connection.
The VoIP software solution has many of the features. Some of the features are not in packages. Also, few of the features can be customized on the customer demand. Buy VoIP software to get rid of your old phone system.
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Deepak Mishra is a Digital Marketing Manager at Gventure Technology have 5-year experience in the same. Here he writes about the benefits of auto dialer software in call center software solutions.

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