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THAI HAPPY TAXI’s Pattaya Taxi Service

Author: Nicon Ch
by Nicon Ch
Posted: Jan 12, 2019
thai happy

Get your best taxi from bangkok to pattaya.

Thai Happy Taxi is the best private transportation service that can take you on that trip you are busy preparing for, all the way from Bangkok to Pattaya. The services that they provide are well recognized and their luxury comes in second to none. Their rates are absolutely affordable and their services includes taking your to all the major tourist locations. Thai Happy Taxi can take you on long journeys safely and soundly with all the comfort and luxury you need to have a relaxing ride. The Thai Happy Taxi has a pretty sleek private transfer service that is being recommended by their customers around the world. They do well in covering a wide range of locations including the Bangkok airport,Pattaya and HuaHin.You want an outline on the reasons to book a Thai Happy Taxi for your trip to Pattaya? Well I will let you in on the benefits attributed to this ride based off the reviews of happy customers.

  1. Easy Booking: I feel this is something that everyone loves; nobody is a fan of spending long hours trying to book a ride especially when there is no time to spare. Thai Happy Taxi makes booking easy for you on its online platform and another plus is that immediately after a successful booking, you can be sure to receive a confirmation.
  2. Punctuality: Punctuality is not a very common virtue – we have all had those moments when we spend so much time waiting to be picked up by our driver. It can get super annoying and trust me when I say that I know the feeling, but with Thai Happy Taxi you can be sure that the driver would be there right when you need him to be.
  3. Friendly drivers: It is one thing to have a punctual driver and another to have a grumpy punctual driver. I mean what is the point of coming over to pick me early if you are just going to frown throughout the journey? - Thai Happy Taxi drivers are very friendly and receptive, an amazing combination for a jolly ride down to Pattaya.
  4. Great driving: There are the drivers that make you feel like jumping out of the window in a bid to save your life, there are the drivers that make you feel like simply yanking your hair out with their sluggish driver and there are the Thai Happy Taxi drivers that drive to your taste. They know how to perfectly maneuver traffic and get you to your destination on time without getting any of these negative reactions out of you.
  5. Great conditioning: The feeling of sweat rolling down your face and your back can be very discomforting especially when you find yourself stuck in traffic. You might even consider taking off your clothes out of irritation at some point and you will begin to crave cool air – on your trip to Pattaya from Bangkok, you will want a ride that will be heat free and Thai Happy Taxi just happens to be that ride. The air conditioning is simply remarkable, leaving your skin smooth and dry all through your ride.
  6. Nice leather chairs: There is absolute comfort guaranteed when you take a ride with Thai Happy Taxi and this includes the comfortable leather chairs. You might be wondering what chairs have to do with making your ride comfortable but then think about it, you don’t want the trip to end with back ache now, do you?
  7. Safety: You can be certain of a safe trip and this is in comparison with other Bangkok taxi services. It is great for your family trips and completely secure, you do not have to worry about accidents as the driving system is too careful to allow that to happen.
  8. Neat ride: The vehicles provided are always neat and this is just to say that Thai Happy Taxi is all about looking out for your hygiene.

The goodness of Thai Happy Taxi is not in any being overestimated; it is as great as the public says it is. So for that trip you are planning from Bangkok to Pattaya, Thai Happy Taxi service will serve you well during your journey. Before going to Pattaya, you can select what car you want depending on the size of your family and it has been said severally that after making use of this taxi service once you will want to try it out a second time. If you were waiting before, you should wait no more – hurry over any book your ride!

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