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What are Pressure Booster Systems and Do You Need Them?

Author: Kv Gopalakrishnan
by Kv Gopalakrishnan
Posted: Feb 02, 2019

Generally used to increase the pressure of water that comes into the house, pressure booster pump systems are best used when there is low water pressure. A pressure booster pump can tackle the issue and ensure you get the solution you’re looking for.

There are different types of booster pumps. One may do the necessary research and find out which pump works the best for them. They are generally compact, affordable and easy to install. You can control how much extra pressure you need after testing the current pressure.

Testing the current water pressure

To test the water pressure, you can use a gauge to tell the current value. Such a gauge can be purchased from any home centre and it tells you the pressure of water supply you have in psi (pound-force per square inch). An optimal value is around 75 psi. Anything above that value has a negative impact on the plumbing of the place. If the current pressure is 45 psi, then a pressure booster system can help you reach your desired pressure value.

Key Points to Remember

There are a few other points which can help you in your pursuit of finding a pressure booster system that suits your needs:• Size of the main water line entering the house: It can be adapted to increase or decrease based on the requirement but still works smoothly. It generally works smoother if the size of the inlet pipe is same size as that of the booster pump fitting. They typically range around 120 to 240 metres in size.• Room for a pressure booster pump: Even if the pump is smaller in size, it is important that it has the necessary clearances into the atmosphere to breathe. • Electrical outlets: Booster pumps come with 10" or 6" cords and figuring out a location for their installation is important since they take up an entire wall plug socket slot. • Cost: Local plumbers can give you a good estimate how much it might cost for a water pressure booster pump.• Insulation: It is important that the pressure booster pump system does not freeze. While it can tolerate heat and cold, it is important to keep it in highly optimal running conditions. Keeping a small radiation light around it could also work or you might need to install a system to prevent the booster system from freezing.

ATE AdvantageATE provides booster pumps of different sizes and functionality. They have been specially designed for specific purposes, thus making it easier for you to choose one that suits your needs.

The HyP-ULTRA system features frequency-drives that help in reducing power consumption. This can also be integrated with existing building management systems. The HyP-EXE is a microprocessor-controlled system that keeps up with the demands of variations in load patterns. HyP-ECO is ideal for residential applications and has cyclic alteration of the lag-and-lead pumps.

Choose a booster pump from a variety of ATE booster pumps and enjoy a long-term deal on some of the best pressure pumps in the country.

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