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Why Mobile App Projects Fail & How To Ensure Their Success

Author: Hemendra Singh
by Hemendra Singh
Posted: Jul 31, 2019
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Contrary to popular notion, successfully executing an app idea might not guarantee your success. More than the ultimate functionality of your app, the success parameter is determined by your business goals and nature of the app. This is why it is advisable to hire app programmer for analyzing the lacunas of your competitors.

Once gain a clear notion about the same, one can come up with better features which can guarantee foolproof success. Today people are going to take a look at the biggest blunders of mobile app projects and means to buffer them from such mistakes.

  • Failure To Delight End Users

Ensuring a top-notch user experience stands out as the pre-requisites of a successful mobile app development process. According to top mobile apps company, a user should not face any difficulty in understanding the basic app functionalities. Some common examples of user issues which might dampen your ultimate chances of success are:

  • Lengthy loading time

  • Lagging app performance

  • Difficulty in accessing features and

  • Lengthy registration process.

This can be avoided when designating enough attention to the best UX/UI practices during mobile app development. Every single platform is unique and its users are habituated to a particular way of use. Your application needs to maintain this level of consistency so that the end users do not find themselves in unfamiliar territory. Also, while crafting the app, it is required to first build the smallest possible design for user convenience. You can easily add to its features and functionalities as per customer requirements.

  • Poor Market Research

In the modern era of unlimited mobile apps, there's a need to conduct a thorough survey of market conditions to analyze the unfulfilled customer requirements. Such preferences also vary across customers of different age and gender. An application which is built especially for teenagers might not suffice adult users. Sometimes, developers totally forget to scan the market for similar apps before coming up with their exclusive versions. Such actions render the newly developed application useless. This is why it becomes imperative to answer the following questions before you hire app programmer.

  • Does your application solve a pre-existing problem?

  • Is there adequate market demand for the application you are thinking of developing?

  • Is your application offering a unique user experience?

  • Can your application ease out the problems faced by users?

Mobile apps company will have to collect all facts and data which can establish the supremacy of your application over its competitors. There is a need to define a target audience which can make it easier to shape their marketing strategies.

  • Disregarding Customer Feedback & Engagement

Mobile apps company levy adequate quality control measures to ensure the robustness of their applications. In spite of that, it is necessary to have a proper customer feedback system in place. This can help the company in gaining adequate knowledge about client expectations for improving the future iterations of the mobile app. However, only one in three application development companies makes adequate provisions for customer feedback. This can actually tarnish the brand name if the queries and concerns of customers go unanswered for long. It is advisable to add a comment and feedback section to the app for providing customers with a platform of sharing their compliments as well as concerns.

  • Faulty App Testing

Prior to launching a mobile app, it is necessary to conduct adequate testing. This can guarantee optimum user experience by preventing the application from crashing. It is imperative to note here that one of the biggest causes of negative reviews pertaining to an application is the one related to app crashes. After you hire app programmer, you can instruct him to conduct adequate quality assurance prior to the app launch. A documented process should be in place pertaining to your app testing strategies. The first impression has a very big role to play in the mobile app market. You can easily delight your customers by guaranteeing a high-performing one.

  • Messy App Launch Strategy

Mobile apps company should properly strategize and plan the launch of its application. Refraining from the same can cause your end customers to become indifferent towards your application. Proper launch day strategies and pre-launch activities need to be planned for ensuring a high retention and download rate of your application. You can organize some interesting events on the launch date and build up customer engagement till then by offering sneak peeks into the new features and updates.


Increase in mobile computing and consumerization of IT is turning user experience into a pre-condition of success in the mobile app development industry. Poor user experience didn’t have the power of dooming a project ten years back as long as it delivered the guaranteed features. Coming back to modern times, simply accomplishing the functional parameters are not enough. Mobile apps company also have to guarantee ease of use and user experience for basking in overall success.

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My name is Hemendra Singh. I am Managing Director and Co-Founder of The NineHertz, a Mobile App Development Company. My ideology is that, a clear vision and hard work builds a great company.

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