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How to Get Started with Weibo Advertising in China

Author: Damon Za
by Damon Za
Posted: Mar 02, 2019

Business enterprises planning to flourish their market access in the World’s largest digital market China might not be aware that Weibo has already established its staggering success as a consistent social media platform as well as microblogging site in China. Incepted in 2009, among the most demanding Chinese social media sites, Weibo Advertising is one that has an active user based crossing 537 million, as estimated in the recent reviews. Also, refers to the ‘Chinese Twitter’ it offers unbelievable opportunities for foreign businesses to engage with its dynamic user base followed by needed steps of enrolling them in Weibo. Taking into account the high business potential of the popular social platform, for prospective marketers, advertising through Weibo is likely to be the most influential tool in their digital marketing success.

How to Get Started

  • The first criterion is to create an official account with Weibo to position your product/services on the popular social site. Essentially, before you kick-start, find a Chinese SEO company registered with Weibo as well as Baidu’s Search Engine to get enrollment and initiate your project.
  • Generate audience engaging contents incorporated with information rich elements like videos, pictures, conversion sessions, etc. Your content strategy should be focused on communicating messages that will appear valuable to Weibo viewers. Some of these great approaches include new ideas, news, FAQ, promotions and more. Mind well, while working in China, and using the scopes of Weibo advertising whatever you communicate for marketing that should meaningful and valuable to your target audience.
  • Work together with your Chinese SEO company to decide on the type of advertising campaigns that can maximize your SMM outcome. Some of the most popular advertising ideas are stated below:

? Investing in banner advertisements is a brilliant idea that displays your classified on its mobile app sites or web pages similar to backlink. They take consumers directly to your business home page as they click on your ads.

? Use Weibo’s ‘discover page’ promotional tool that allows users to locate brands or services that they search for within its long listed menu. Since keywords play a crucial role in Weibo advertising, with demanding keywords as you can optimize your advertising, equally it needs you paying less to the community.

? Similar to the Western world, social media Influencers now hold a considerable position in driving target audience to a business enterprise. Refers to Key Opinion Leaders or KOLs, this kind of promotional ideas has been counted invaluable to a foreign company interested to promote their products/services in China. Presence of influencing personalities especially to Chinese audience promotes the authenticity of your product, which is an essential part of any successful marketing campaign.

? Equally, Fan Headline and Fun Tunnel are great advertising tools to promote your classified, posts, contents not only in your current business followers but also among those who are connected with the existing pool.

  • You are responding to customer comments, posting regular blogs, contents, and messaging shows your responsiveness to your customers. No wonder, productive digital engagement strategy with your target audience is the key to SMM success in China.

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