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Reasons to Invest in Weibo Marketing

Author: Damon Za
by Damon Za
Posted: Jun 22, 2019

The trade war between America and China is getting hotter day by day. And in the middle of trade crisis, you are eager to make an impact in the Chinese market. Well, no one knows when this trade war will going to end, but as a business owner, one thing you can do is earn more and more loyal customers. And to do so, what can be a better platform than Weibo.

Weibo marketing is one of the best ways to reach an online Chinese audience. At one time, Weibo used to be the one and only social platform in China, and now, there are many other social platforms in China, but Weibo still has a strong grip on the Chinese digital landscape.

Marketing on Weibo has many advantages. Let’s have a look at the four key advantages of Weibo Marketing.

Vast audience

Millions of users visit Weibo daily. At one time, Weibo monthly active users grew to 462 million. However, this number keeps changing. But still, at any point, you have millions of users to target. You can reach a massive audience through advertising on Weibo. This massive exposure helps you build brand awareness of your brand. You can run an effective Weibo advertising campaign to reach out to your potential customers.

Various marketing tools

Weibo is an ideal platform for marketing. Weibo marketing tools allow businesses to enhance interaction with users. Marketing tools such as Weibo search engine promotion, display ads, fan tunnels, and fan headlines allow businesses to create interactive ads, which people are actually going to click. Businesses can choose their target audience based on various demographics and promote content and display ads. One can also easily track the results of their marketing efforts on Weibo to measure the impact of the marketing campaign.

Converts well

Both individual people and businesses use Weibo, making it a great place for businesses to both make new contacts and to market anything that they want to sell. More importantly, Weibo is very much integrated into Chinese people's lives. Many people actively shop through it, make a buying decision through it, job search through it, and live most of their lives on the site. They actually pay attention to things shown on their newsfeed. If you follow your marketing strategy right, there is a high probability of conversions. You can get a lot of customers to your business.

Cheap marketing platform

Last but not least; Weibo marketing does not cost you a lot. You can effectively reach a vast audience at a very affordable rate. The amount of information you can collect about each and every person on the network makes it very easy to target them for extremely specific items. It results in high returns on investments and profit margins. To produce the same results through other marketing platforms, you have to invest a lot which makes them less profitable to choose over Weibo.

These are the four key advantages of Weibo marketing.

So are you ready to start advertising on Weibo?

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