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Purpose of Load Cells Explained

Author: Senso Matic
by Senso Matic
Posted: Mar 10, 2019

The load cells happens to be the Heart of various types of weighing scales and balances as well as a number of measuring devices in today’s world. In reality, the sensor or transducer commonly termed as a load cell will convert the force acting on it directly into a measurable output. In short, the amount of mechanical deformation is directly proportional to the weight / force applied & gives a linear electrical output when excited with DC voltage.

Buying one is another matter altogether and you may have to inquire from the top load cell manufacturers in Bangalore as well as other parts of India depending on your own location. Weighing is not a uniform activity though with the objects that need to be measured differing in shape, size and dimensions. It is but natural that a single model of load cell would not suffice for all kinds of measuring applications either. It is essential to gauge your requirement before looking to buy the best transducer in the market. Remember, that what works for your competitor may not always be as effective for you.

Load Cell: Varieties

  1. Strain Gauge- This is a Foil type resistive member with encapsulation, which measure the mechanical deformation in the spring element of load cell.
  2. Shear Beam- This happens to be rectangular in shape with two bolts secured on one end (Fixed End) with the load applied at the opposite end. This has versatile use. In all Industries.

3. Compression Load Cell

  • This one is exceedingly compact and operates by holding the entire load at a single point. The cells measure the force that pushes along a uni axial mode.
  1. S-Type- This one is true to its name and resembles the letter‘s.’ Also known as a S Beam or a Z Beam, this type of transducers are mostly utilized for measuring Universal loads (Tension & Compression load).
  2. Double Ended Load Cell- This one is the most rugged load cell, where the ends are supported and the load is applied in the centre right in the center.
  3. Bending Beam- The commercial establishments find it advantageous to employ the bending beam type of load cells for it can be placed into small places that happens to be a tight fit for other measuring equipment. This one can help to measure the commercial application perfectly.
  4. Pancake- This particular load cell is capable of absorbing shocks and Impact loads, since this a high fatigue rated load cell and has unique shear web design, hence totally effective for use in the heavy industrial sector as well as the automotive industry.

How to buy load cells?

Individuals often do not approach the load cell suppliers for buying the transducers in bulk. The purchase departments of multiple industries are usually entrusted with this task. The top users recommend checking the specific needs and then placing the order in accordance with the type, size, viability and price, thru the company contact details in the website "".

About the Company:

Sensomatic manufacture a wide range of high precision load cells for various Industrial application in India. Our range includes S-type load cell, Shear beam load cell, Double ended load cell, Compression load cell, Stainless steel load cell, Weighbridge load cell and many more.
About the Author

Sensomatic manufacture a wide range of high precision load cells for various Industrial application in India.

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