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Empowerment of Media and Masses through Internet Live Radio

Author: Rotaro Bernaz
by Rotaro Bernaz
Posted: Mar 18, 2019
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Television contracts the imagination while radio expands it. People who have been excluded from their communities’, radio let their voice to be heard all over the region. Radio is considered as the key which brings change in people’s behavior positively. Radio is the medium through which people enforce the government to change their policies and rules regarding some political issues that had proven bad for people.

Radio channels try their best to convey more knowledge whether it is related to democracy, politics, education or various aspects of life. People hear others from their region and get their thoughts that may affect their thinking in one or the other way and urge them to contribute by giving suggestions or advice. It empowers people to raise their voices for their public or domestic rights and educate their minds to know about the health hazards diseases spreading quickly in societies and how to take precautions to keep themselves safe and secure.

Acceptance and Usage among Mass Media

It has immensely empowered the mass media due to its universal acceptance. It has gathered millions of audience within a short period. Its startup from the 1990s until now, its auditors are increasing day by day.

Impact on Developed and Developing Countries

In solely the United States of America, it has attracted more than 90 percent of spectators. In other developed countries like the United Kingdom, Canada, France, its viewers are more than 70 percent. In developing countries like people are becoming more aware of its accessibility.

Work Done For the Empowerment of Radio Services

One can effortlessly go through many websites which are solely working for the empowerment of radio services. In the case study of Empower Radio, we have learned that radio shows are designed to spread positive programs. It also ensures the empowerment of people who are invited as guests, host, professors, researchers, artists, trainers, or any other agenda setter.

Radio Working As a Platform for Various Fields

It provides them a platform to spread their words through new productive thoughts. It also eases them to share a new perspective towards any targeted agenda. In allow masses to improve their information and knowledge when they listen to live radio.

Role of Web Developers in the Establishment of Websites

Internet live radio has also permitted the web developers to find new avenues to enhance the interest of common people by establishing such websites which are more convenient and user-friendly. Therefore, a lot of online surveys have been conducted by many web developers to engage more spectators. It has also helped them to generate more revenues in return.

Sharing of Stories and Experiences through Live Radio Streaming

There are some examples shared online on the radio, in which any war victim, or domestic violence victim, or any other victim, was invited and shared their stories worldwide to develop awareness among the masses. It also helps the government to organize necessary legislation and amendment in the constitution if feels necessary regarding the realities.

Role of Radio in Research Work

Many modern researchers conduct the online survey through this live chat service. It reduces their efforts for the research work. It also saves a lot of their time because they do not need to travel to far-flung areas, remote areas, and other countries to gather information for their research work.


It is concluded that internet radio streaming is convenient in many ways and it has provided us with many advantages which cannot be ignored. It is positively empowered the common people as well as important personalities and media personnel. One can confidently say that the 21st century is the century of live radio streaming because its listeners are increasing day by day. It has become the voice of previously unheard people. Unheard people like poor, victims, women, LGBT, transgenders, laborers, farmers and many more, can now easily make their voices heard and vivid legislations have been done in many countries to ensure their rights and to provide them healthy working conditions.

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