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All You Need to Know About Piercing Studios

Author: Dean Martin
by Dean Martin
Posted: Apr 05, 2019

Regardless of whether you are interested to pierce your lip, septum, nipple, or any part, it is crucial to find a studio that will provide you peace of mind after piercing. Piercings take little time to do but the results are permanent, so it is necessary to choose piercing shops near me that is experienced, professional and clean.

Ask your closed ones where they have done the piercing. Did they have a bad or good experience? Will they recommend the shop to others? By doing proper research one can save money and time so that you do not end piercing that you are not happy with and then visit another shop for re-piercing. Be patie4nt and visit several studios. Is the shop clean? Are you comfortable talking with the staff and artists? Are they using an autoclave for sterilizing their needles?

Certificate – For finding the best piercing shops near your locality, the parlors should have the latest certificate by proving they had a spore test done on their autoclave and the certificate must be displayed in the shop. Some states require monthly and some states require yearly, laws vary depends on the state, but it is crucial that an updated certificate is available for ensuring what is going inside the autoclave actually comes out sterilized.

Piercing Procedure – Piercing is done through two methods – freehand piercing and with a clamp. Clients who have done piercing with a clamp said that the clamp hurt more than the piercing and sometimes bruises occur. Many piercers will be putting a rubber band around the clamp that causes unnecessary pressure on the area that one is going to pierce. So, by using the rubber band they are unable to control the pressure of the tool. If the right amount of pressure is applied using a Tuttle tweezer (for tragus, tongue, and lip piercings), the client will not feel the effect of the tool.

Work experience - How many piercings they have done on the clients and how long they are into this profession. Please understand even a piercer is new into the profession, they can be a good piercer if they have received proper training. Know all the details about the training like learning, time duration, etc. Enquire whether you will be receiving care instructions and solutions in writing with your piercing. Do you have the authority to choose from a selection of jewelry or they will choose for you? It is common to see piercing shops carry basic body piercing jewelry that is surgical steel with steel beads and this is the cheapest a piercer will buy. There are customers who have allergy with surgical steel and prefers medical grade titanium. If you do not have any option, please proceed to the next parlor. It is important that the piercing shops must provide medical grade piercing jewelry as well as surgical steel. Various types of medical-grade jewelry must be included like polycarbonate, bioflex, 14-carat gold, and titanium.

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