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How Your Loved One Can Do Tai Chi

Author: Lizeth Fallon
by Lizeth Fallon
Posted: Apr 05, 2019

Tai chi is an ancient form of low-impact exercise that may be best for seniors to stay fit. There is no need to lift weights or run in this kind of exercises. Tai Chi may help seniors to enhance his or her muscle flexibility. Here are a few exercises seniors can do at home.

1. Try a Breathing Exercise

Tai Chi may have many benefits for seniors. One of the most important parts of Tai Chi is breathing and learning how to exhale. Seniors should try to maintain a basic breathing exercise to practice Tai Chi. In a breathing exercise, seniors should inhale through their nose and exhale through the mouth. Make it a continuous cycle of breathing to reduce stress or when seniors feel triggered.

2. Practice Standing In a Neutral Position

Seniors should warm up or stretch before starting to exercise. Try to stand in a proper way to free tension from the body. There are many standing positions in Tai Chi seniors may learn. To stand in a proper way, seniors should make their body relaxed. Start taking deeper breaths to ease into the environment.

3. Create an Energy Ball

Energy ball is a common term in Tai Chi when a person starts exercising. If seniors have started Tai Chi then they may be able to create an energy ball after a few weeks of practicing. Here is an easy way seniors can perform energy ball exercise.

  • Stand in a balanced and neutral position.
  • Put your hands in front of you to rub them in a slow manner
  • Visualize about putting the energy in your body into your hands
  • Continue to rub the hands as you think about energy creating in your hands
  • Take deep breaths when rubbing your hands and focus the energy moving into the arms
  • Pull your hands away after a while
  • Try to keep your hands and body relax
  • Curve your fingers inwards a bit to feel like you are holding a giant ball
  • Bring both of your hands together when you feel energized
4. Move on to the Circling Hand's Exercise

Circles and cycles are the basic types of Tai Chi exercises. It may be an amazing exercise for seniors who are beginners. Seniors may also perform circling hand exercise as a way to warm up their hands and body. Here are the steps to perform this exercise.

  • Put your hands in front of the body
  • Your palms should face each other
  • Try to feel relaxed and peaceful
  • Move both of your hand in a circular motion
  • Expands your hands and fingers when they move away from the body
  • Do the steps in a gentle and slow manner
5. Buy a Book or Video

If seniors find it hard to perform Tai Chi exercises then they can watch videos online. There are tons of videos on YouTube on Tai Chi which may help seniors perform the exercises in a better way. Seniors may buy a book related to Tai Chi to get help remembering all the steps while exercising.

6. Observe a Live Class One of the easiest ways to learn Tai Chi is to take a class or hire an instructor. Seniors may enjoy the company of people while performing Tai Chi exercises. If your loved one hesitates to join a class then he or she can watch one first.

Author Bio:

Lizeth Fallon works at McKinney Home Care where elders are taken good care off. We make sure that they are healthy and if they are in need of any medical attention we give that to. Lizeth is an expert and have been doing caregiving job for almost 10 years. She likes to spread awareness through her writing skills about the importance of healthy life for seniors.

About the Author

Ilean Jane works as a content writer at Home Care Assistance of McKinney and Allen. She is a fun and adventure loving person and believes that life is all about positivity.

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Author: Lizeth Fallon

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