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A/B Testing on Landing Page and their Purpose

Author: AK Digihub
by AK Digihub
Posted: Apr 06, 2019
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A/B testing on landing page and their purpose

Daily so many visitors are coming to your website, but you are getting fewer conversion rates, and then run A/B testing on the landing page by using landing page plugin. Test on a logo, Call to action, Headlines, images or Videos, testimonials, quick links, and latest offers ….etc.

The most common mistakes in A/B testing is to run all elements at a time, Don’t run all elements at a time. Change one by one variation for every week, then you can identify the problem and correct it. Definitely, you will get more conversion rate.

A/B Testing Can Be Done With

1. Headline:

Your headline will talk within 4 to 5 words then it should be good. Your headline will talk in 10 to 15 words, it should belong.

Identify the problem and test your headlines and sub-headlines. There is no limit for A/B testing. You can check N number of times.

2. Call to Action buttons:

when customers visit your websites, then immediately your call to action buttons should respond like how can I help u, which services you are looking and showing any latest offers ….etc.

If you change even one word in your CTA button it may chance to change your conversion rates. When you’re doing A/B testing change one by one like button style, text, color, font size…etc. Don’t change all at a time. Why because you don’t know which design gets more conversion rates.

3. Images and Videos:

When you are creating an image or video. Your image or video will talk about your products and services like that only you have to create. Otherwise, if you add unrelated matter in your image or video. It will effect on your conversion rates.

4. Content:

If you added more content on your website, it may chance to get a high conversion rate. If you running A/B test before you choose two different landing pages, one page writes more content and another page write less content then after you can test which one will give better results.

5. Product Description:

A description is a summary of your product. The length of the description up to 155 characters. Your description can’t be more than 155 characters.

When you are writing description you can run A/B testing on keywords, Content and apply any offers in a description. Finally, you select the best description for your product.

6. Social Proofs:

Nowadays almost 80% percent of consumers before purchasing any product they are reading in online reviews to make a purchase decision.

Testimonials are most powerful on your landing page. Because the testimonials should tell the visitors that you are a credible and trustworthy business. When you are adding a client testimonials better to add of their company logo to improve the buyer confidence and trust.

Thus why you most and should add social proofs on your landing pages. Before adding you can run A/B testing on landing page and test on written testimonials VS video testimonials, and also test design and location of the testimonials.

7. Logo:

All most 80% of websites set their logo on the top left-hand corner of the site. However, sometimes if you change the logo location that will impact the overall conversion rate. So when you are changing the logo placements testing on a landing page optimization.

You should test in only three different locations of the logo on your website:

  1. Top left a corner of the header.
  2. A Top middle part of the header.
  3. Top right corner of the header.
8. Latest Offer:

Every landing page needs an offer. What you want to offer your visitors better than your competitors. When you are offering something about your customers.

You can create multiple offers and start A/B testing. Show offer 1 of your 100 visitors and show offer 2 of another 100 visitors. Then after check which offer gets more conversion rates.

9. Footer:

The footer is also most important in every landing page. But Footer is common for all pages on your website but in footer most and should you mention all pages links, quick links, company address, and social media widget, By using A/B testing you can check which design is best for all these.

Why should do A/B testing on landing page?

1. Improve user engagement:

Think once what your visitors want. Maintain website speed fast, avoid pop-up buttons, quality content, strive a consistency, be user-friendly, create a quiz and encourage commentary, and latest offers…etc. Like that you can create definitely you will get more engagements.

2. Reduced bounce rate:

User visit at any page on your website and leaves without visiting any other page on the same website, that’s a bounce.

By using A/B testing, you’ll be able to test at multiple variations of an element on your website until you find the best results.

To design a landing page like a user visits more than one page in the same domain then automatically it will reduce the bounce rate.

3. Solve visitor problems:

Collect visitor behavior data with the help of google analytics and check where visitor problem points on a website. Do A/B testing on landing page and change one-by-one variation on the entire visitor problem points by using A/B testing and solve the visitor problem points.

4. Reduce risks by doing landing page optimization:

When you are doing changes to your website, don’t go without doing A/B testing on landing page, why because after changes on your website it will affect your current conversion rates. If you run A/B testing that can reduce the risk of your current conversion rates and it may chance to get more conversion rates.

5. Increase conversion rates:

When you running a campaign better to select A/B testing option. Why because after running a campaign, you can run multiple Ads variations. Similar changes like auditions, location, Content, Design and Offers. Then you know which Ad variation gives more Conversion rates.

6. Redesigning a website:

When you’re redesigning a website doesn’t change the entire website at a time it will affect your business. You can change one by one element like Call to action button, testimonials, quick links, images, content, logo design… Etc.


Nobody desires to get crushed by the competition. That’s why A/B testing is important on your landing page. Start by creating the variations on your landing page today. There is no limit for A/B testing you can run N number of times finally Select the best one and don’t lose your conversion rate tomorrow.

Source: A/B testing on landing page and their purpose

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