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Select the best quality cat furniture for your kitty

Author: Maria William
by Maria William
Posted: Apr 11, 2019
cat furniture

Are you a pet lover or especially love to spend times with your kitty? Then, you must make your beloved cat’s life more comfortable and natural within your house territory. Allow him/her to play, climb trees and scratch posts and the other necessary activities. For this, you must buy some good quality cat furniture.

On the other hand, maybe you are now simply tired of your kitty scratching and climbing all over the furniture. Now, it’s time to allot his/her own furniture. These may include cat beds, cat trees, cat gyms and cat condos. A cat tree is the best option here to provide your cat with something to climb, a comfortable place to rest, a vantage point to get the view of his territory and some more additional fun activities.

How will you find out the perfect cat furniture? Lots of online stores are offering customized and comfortable cat furniture that are also available in different shapes, colors and models.

Here, we have got some more necessary points that you should consider before buying a cat tree.

Look into the material:

It totally depends on whether your beloved cat used to spend more time outdoors or indoors and therefore, he/she may prefer particular materials over the others. Note the material on what they love to scratch. According to their surroundings, cats want to scratch rope, wood, fabric or carpet.

  • Does your cat prefer spending times outdoors most? So, they may prefer the wood material which reminds them of the tree. Here, the best idea will be buying a scratching tree which is made of real logs. Also, you can build your own.
  • Do you want a durable alternative for both the indoors and outdoors activity? Fabric will be the best option here. Make sure that it is rough enough to touch and tightly wound. For example, sisal fabric is very popular among the cat owners for its rough and sturdy texture.
  • Want something that fits into your budget? You can opt for the cardboard scratchers that easily can be replaced and economical as well. But these materials are less-durable compared to the other options. On the other hand, you will get an eco-friendly option of cat furniture here because mostly these types are made out of the recycled materials.
  • Is your cat’s tree sturdy?

    If your cat normally likes to scratch carpets or rugs, a durable horizontal post is the best option. If your cat scratched wallpapers or the furniture legs, opt for a vertical post to fit best with your cat’s need.

    Examine whether the cat tree’s base is strong enough and doesn’t wobble when your cat tries to climb it. Otherwise, buy something which is lean or affixed steadily against a wall.

    Depending on your cat’s paying needs, maybe you need to buy different perching or scratching trees to afford enough room for scratch, climb walk and rest. Now, you may be confused about where to store all these cat furniture when they are not in use for a while. Well, you are thinking right. Storing these can be difficult at times. The best option is to opt for a public storage unit such as the storage units Arlington and take out particular furniture when required.

    Consider your cat’s personality:

    Your cat may prefer to use the scratching tree to exercise and to get a top view from the vertical heights. Some trees are large enough to accommodate multiple scratchers, appendages, condo areas or ledges. So, choosing the perfect tree totally depends on your cat’s personality

    Some cats just like to hide in a condo area.

    Some are excited enough than the others. So, they need more spaces to climb up and play.

    When you have a number of cats from different ages, provide them enough spaces to avoid the competition for a particular territory.

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