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Make the Perfect Dough for Your Pizza

Author: Petter Alex
by Petter Alex
Posted: Apr 18, 2019
making dough

All the components of pizza are equally important in making it a delicious meal. Yet the dough is the soul and heart of it all. If you manage to use the best dough, then your pizza will be a delectable treat.

Making a dough may seem simple, but making outstanding dough requires great time and effort. It needs the right measurements in every step of the process. You need to be careful in each part in order to create the best dough that will upgrade the taste of your pizza! That’s the secret that any Pizza Restaurant in Morden uses. After making this pizza, search up Pizza Places Near Me, order a pizza and then compare the results.

The main things you should pay close attention to while making the dough is:

1. 1) Type of Floor Used

2. 2) Amount of Water Utilized

3. 3) Temperature of the Dough

4.Let’s look at each part in detail.

1. Type of Floor Used:

You might be thinking that flour is just simply flour and any grocery flour would be right for the job. Well, if you want a mediocre pizza, you can go with that ideology and not pay attention to the type of flour. But if you’re genuinely concerned, and want a delicious crust, you need to make sure you use the right flour.

Basically, the type of flour you should use depends on the kind of crust you want. If you are hoping for a thin and crispy crust, you should use high-protein and high-gluten flour. You can use low-gluten flour for the deep crust with protein level of roughly about 10.

2. Amount of Water Utilized:

You may have tried making your dough several times in the past and found it to be too stiff. The stiffness leads to a soggy snot layer that won’t give you that delicious taste you were craving. To avoid that, use sufficient amounts of water to make the dough. Adding more water allows the dough to become loose and have the right level of consistency. Following this tip, you can get ready to bake a pizza that is exactly similar to the ones you see in Pizza Restaurants in Morden. It’ll just be like the Best Pizza in Morden. Basically, what you order from the fast food online services in Morden can be made by yourself at home!

3. Temperature of Dough:

Now, the important thing to note here is that temperature is something you should keep a close check on at all times. The most crucial times are when you are mixing the dough and when you’re baking it. While mixing, bear in mind that the best temperate is 78-82 degrees. During the mixing process, if the temperature is higher, then the dough could blow up. And if the temperature is too low, then the dough won’t be fermented at all. So, having just the right temperature is very essential.

The easiest trick to adjust the temperature while mixing the dough is to adjust the temperature of the water that’s being added onto it.

For baking the dough, just ensure that the temperature does not go more than 60 degrees.

You can follow these tricks to make the perfect dough for the pizza that you want!

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