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4 Most Famous Green Healing Crystals For Making Jewelry

Author: Emil Sipos
by Emil Sipos
Posted: Apr 22, 2019

Since the time of ancient Egypt and queen Cleopatra green gemstones were one of the most prized gems that person can obtain and wear. Green stones were always a symbol of nature, life, energy, and renewal. People always wore those green stones for their beauty, representation of elegance and sophistication.

Nowadays we know about more than 100 different green gemstones and choosing a specific one to describe can be overwhelming. Because of that, I will focus in this article on 4 most popular representatives of this famous gemstone color. If you are looking for more information about other stones, spend a moment and read the following article that was my inspiration for writing this one: Gemstones in Color Green Healing Crystals.

Emerald Gemstone

Since ancient time emeralds were sought after gemstones known for their green color all over the world. Of course, the most famous person wearing those green gems was Egyptian queen Cleopatra that wore one of the most beautiful gems. This magnificent stone is known for its vivid green color. In most cases, emeralds come with inclusions and finding clean emeralds is very hard. Those gems are not very durable and thanks to their inclusions can break. Therefore, most of the stones are treated and go through fracture filling process in order to improve the durability of this gemstone.

Jade Crystals

Jade is another green gemstone that is considered as a symbol of green colored stones since ancient times. It is closely connected to China where its history is tracked for more than 7000 years. This green stone comes in two variants, jadeite that is more valuable and nephrite that cheaper. Jade is a pretty soft green gemstone that is compact in nature that adds to its hardness. It is often cut and carved into beautiful jewelry pieces.

Green Agate Stone

Agate is a beautiful green gemstone that in nature comes in many different colors from which green is one of the rarest. Most of the time it is found with interesting inclusions. Single green color stones are hard to find. Because of this, it is often dyed to look uninformed. Green agate is a pretty durable gemstone that has great quality. You may find many types of jewelry made from this crystal. Being very affordable almost every person can afford to wear this gemstone. Its price is often influenced by the setting and its quality.

Peridot Crystal

Peridot is one of the few gemstones that comes just in one color. It comes in many different shades of green color, in many cases with yellow inclusions. Green peridot stone is formed deep in the earth crust. This beautiful stone is cut into standard jewelry types that bring out brilliance and luster of this interesting crystal. This stone in nature comes with black spots that can be seen only through magnification.

Green gemstones look stunning in any setting but they are in my opinion most lovely when placed in silver, platinum, and white gold setting as that gives the jewelry sleek and modern look. If you are more into vintage, old school look, you should consider the rose gold setting. Of course, the yellow gold setting is timeless and shows of all the beauty of green stones.

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