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Harnessing Event Intelligence Technology

Author: Leo Edwards
by Leo Edwards
Posted: May 24, 2019

People still might not be able to understand the words ‘event intelligence’ yet, but it’s not much hard. But once the concept is learned by event planners, it will increase event profitability, event productivity, and event ROI. Here are detailed answers about what exactly is event intelligence, or what it does and other significant matters.

Event intelligenceThe data about the event members of an event is Event Intelligence. The information can be of many different kinds relying on the event. This information is about what your attendees do when they are supporting your objective. This information helps you achieve that objective. This information isn’t easily gathered, they require the combination of remarkable event technologies with services. They are gathered with the help of online data of the attendee which gives an exclusive picture of the attendee’s behavior interaction analytics. The detailed reports about the attendee’s performances towards the event is prepared by customer relationship management and which is event intelligence too.

Advantage of event intelligence in meetings and plannerThe benefits of the event intelligence rely on the kind of event. There are three main classifications of these events. One is associated with your internal employees for sales and training purpose. Other is for your customers in an external event like a user conference. And the third one is for the external events, where your customers and third-party sponsors are both present together.There is a KPI set for each of these events. Key performance indicator (KPI) is responsible to measure the effectiveness of the company in obtaining key business goals. The average KPI everyone has about their own events is set i.e. the number of people attending the event, how long they stayed, do they find it valuable and other things. These are the fixed measures of performances indicator they have for an event.If it’s an external event, you would definitely want to know which of the customers were interested and what their interested spots were and who wasn’t interested and why they weren’t interested. But when you bring the sponsors in, so only then you can easily tell them about the valuable customers and the regular ones too. All of this is acquired by the event intelligence reports.

The most common type of event intelligenceWhat is the most common kind of information event planners want to know about? It is about attendance. Who came to your event? Who came to your session? The information about who showed up to your events can be acquired by the registration methods too. It can also be gathered by analyzing the people present in the events physically. As both of them are important from different aspects. Another area where planners stay focused on is the engagement of the users. How many of the people attended the event is not what only matters to the planners but also how many of them were engaged and focused on the event. They also look after that how many of them stayed for long and how many left early. For how long did the attendee stay in the event? Half an hour? 2 hours? Or the whole event?In the end, the attendance of the attendees is measured. With the help of event intelligence, a planner can easily know if the attendee came to your booth or not. Not just that it also tells that if the attendee stopped by for a moment or stayed long enough to take a demo and talk to any exhibitor.

Usage of event intelligence before and after the eventThe event planners are utilizing event intelligence to its maximum functionality. Doesn’t matter if the event is annual, or series of seminars, or a user conference or whatsoever, event intelligence conquers everything that happens. It lets planner observe the event data, acquire the learning points, and plan the future events according to it. It is a constant repetition as event intelligence comes in play in every event. Planning your next event without the event intelligence is the most foolish thing to be done as you already know the benefits it gives to your current and future event. With event intelligence by your side, your next event for sure will go incredible.Before an event, a planner is figuring out the use of the event intelligence, during the event the planner could see the change event intelligence brings, but at the end of the event, a planner knows that they made the right choice for its event. And with that spirit, they keep utilizing it in their future events.

ConclusionBear this in mind, event intelligence is not off and on switch. It’s a journey to be fulfilled. The journey of making your event more successful. In your next even, keep records of people attending the events, and why they attend. Just keeping a record of this is a good start itself. Enhance the digital experience of your event with latest hardware devices and event technology hire solutions, with the help of One World Rental.

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