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The Planning a Corporate Event with Your Private Concierge Services

Author: Dreux Provencher
by Dreux Provencher
Posted: May 13, 2019

Concierge Services

Before we try and understand about Concierge Services, first let us understand what concierge really means? The concierge is a person who takes proper care of hotels, house or flats of a specific area. By saying this we mean that a concierge looks after the need of the people who lives in those hotels, house or flats. Like for example a concierge of the hotel will do the booking for tickets, tours etc. The services that are provides by the concierge are known as Concierge Services. These services are beneficial for people as they help in relieving their workload, stress and lubricate their income wheels. The responsibility given to a concierge will differ from the services given to them by their employer. If one wants to understand the benefits of Concierge Services it is advised that they should consider both employee’s and employer’s perspective.

Private Concierge Services

Private Concierge Services is also called a personal concierge service. Since they provide facilities for unlimited number of people and not to a particular firm or hotel only, so they are known as private concierge or personal concierge services. They also help people to do their personal works. Private Concierge Services grants facilities to people when at work or at home. For example, paying bills, shopping, dry cleaning clothes, ironing clothes etc. There exists a difference between a personal concierge and hotel concierge that is a hotel concierge is constricted to a certain hotel or firm. Apart from their firm or workplace, they do not give any services. Private concierge provides Private Concierge Services to the clients and is not finite to a specific area or firm. Their fee depends on the hours they have worked in the month and their rates may depend on the kind of task.

Corporate Concierge services

The difference between corporate concierge and hotel concierge is not much. Corporate Concierge Services also attains the need of their patron. They hire those employees who are entrusted with the job. These are cost effective and provide great output for the companies. Corporate concierges are hired by corporate executives. They help their client in professional work as well as personal work. Eventually, corporate concierges are the ones who help their clients on their engaged schedule. Like for example, corporate concierge makes an arrangement of cars for transportation of clients, anniversary party arrangement for the client, booking hotels etc. Corporate concierge is also responsible for doing the work of the office.

Concierge services Belgium

Concierge Services Belgium is the best example of the growing field of concierge services, where the companies embrace the services to provide an experience which is memorable and enriching for the customers along with the policy like Their Command is Your Wish. This service is not for everyone because some people have their work done by themselves, while for others it is an incalculable advantage. In case you want to raise the level of production and make sure that your employee is committed more towards work to meet up the demands, concierge services is the excellent way.

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