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Get Improved Protection Services with Concierge Security Perth

Author: Chris Holan
by Chris Holan
Posted: Sep 22, 2019

Do you often come across a smiling, polite and professionally dressed security guard at the front desk of apartments or offices? They’re the concierge security guards, who perform special duties, along with the normal duties of a security guard. Are you looking for services such as concierge security Perth? Then, we would suggest hiring from Sniper Security Services.

At Sniper Security Services, you’ll get well-trained and experienced Concierge security Perth services. At any time of the day or night whenever you’re in trouble, our concierge security Perth services are available.

Are you planning for an event? Or need concierge security services for your newly started hotel? Hire from us because we provide highly trustworthy and reputable security officers for this service.

Wondering about the difference between concierge securities and normal security guards? It’s quite natural to be inquisitive about the same. Generally, the demand for concierge security guards is higher in construction companies, events and hotels/resorts. Sniper Security Services provides concierge security guards with exact skills that you need.

Our guards have excellent communication skills. Your guests will be comfortable with them. Want to get personalized concierge securities? We have that option too! Mention your needs during hiring, we’ll provide you the security personnel with the exact skill set.

What skills should your concierge security guard possess?

Do you have any idea of the special skills that should be present in the concierge security guard which you’re hiring? If not, then you’ll be at a loss if the security service company provides you will normal security guard and charge you more. Here is a list of skills you need to check:

  • They should be quick in adapting to complex and risky situations.

  • Since they are posted either at the front gate or front desk, so polite approach and joyous attitude is a must.

  • Should have the ability to solve conflicts and handling queries

  • Engaging customer care skills is highly essential

  • Should be knowledgeable about general legal provisions

  • Well-versed in different common languages

If you’re hiring from Sniper Security Services, you can be assured of getting all the above-mentioned qualities in concierge security guards.

What are the roles of a concierge security guard?

All concierge securities do not have the same set of duties. Depending on their place of posting, they make some changes in their duties. A hotel concierge is generally the first person whom the guests meet at the entrance point of the hotel. Thus, they should know the complete details of the hotel and the daily routine of the hotel.

Again, if you’ve appointed a concierge for your apartment, then you’ll find the person giving personalized help services to the people of the apartment.

Before hiring concierge security services, let’s check out their roles:

1. Security and monitoring functions

When you’ve hired a concierge, you can be assured that he is monitoring the entrance of your premises. They are continuously speaking with the internal staffs through intercoms. Found any suspicious activities in your office compound? Concierge guard will inform you at the earliest.

Suppose you’ve appointed concierge for your apartment, then brief him the rules and regulations of your apartment and introduce him to all the tenants. Now, it’s the responsibility of the guard to help the tenants with personalized services.

Again, if you have CCTV installed on the premises, then the guard will keep a check of the activities through this.

Sniper Security Services train concierge security guards to keep a note on the arrival and departure of the guests through registers. Now you can check if any unwanted person has entered the premises of your office or apartment.

2. Be professional

Since your concierge staff is positioned right at the entrance, so keeping professional conduct is essential. If you have an event, then remember that the concierge is representing on your behalf. Check the uniforms of guards. They should be pressed and customized according to the event they are attending.

In Sniper Security Services, you get the option of choosing from a varied range of uniforms. When you hire our concierge, choose the uniform types, style and color that fits your occasion.

Being professional means, they always need to be polite with the customers or guests. Any kind of rude behavior or forceful security checks is a strict no for them.

In case you’re hiring for hotel or resorts, then the professional appearance of the concierge should be more polished in comparison to the normal concierge. Well-groomed hair and nails, polished shoes and a fresh breath will make the security guard look professional and smart matching with the appearance of your hotel.

3. Respond to emergencies

What if you face sudden theft issue at your apartment? Or, what if you find your building burning at the middle of the night? Whom will you call? For all emergency cases, the first name that comes to your mind is that of your security.

Concierge security guards are well trained to respond to any kind of emergency. They are trained to manage the after and before consequences of any emergencies occurring within the premises.

With concierge security guards hired from Sniper Security Services, you get guards who are physically fit to quickly respond to such emergencies.

4. Checking packages

Is majority of your packages received by the security guard of your apartment? In case, if you’re staying alone, the security guard is your last resort. Taking and sending packages is a part of the duty of concierge securities. If you’ve appointed normal security guards then they’ll only pick and send your packages. However, with a concierge it is different.

Whenever they receive packages on behalf of individuals, they check packages for any kind of explosives. Are you afraid that your package might get lost? Don’t worry, they keep a logbook where the record the receipt and sent items.

Sniper Security Services offers concierge who not only, checks your packages but also, sends your packages on your behalf through posts or mails.

Feeling unsafe? In need of special security guards? You know which is your one-stop destination. Avail our concierge security services Perth for overall safety.

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