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Things to Know About the CAT & Genny Training Course

Author: Peter Ashcroft
by Peter Ashcroft
Posted: May 16, 2019

It is estimated that over 4 million excavations take place across the UK each year. Most of the excavations take place without a thorough examination of existing underground assets. This results in the accidental striking of gas pipelines or electrical cables, which is a crucial risk to the utility structure. In fact, such accidental strikes have major implications for local authorities as it disrupts services, damaged infrastructure, undermines reputation and causes potential life-changing injuries to the workers. What is surprising is the fact that such incidents can be entirely prevented and the injuries, financial losses and damage to the assets can be avoided if the project manager and the workers are trained in the use of CAT & Genny.

What is CAT & Genny?

The CAT or cable avoidance tool is used to locate hidden or buried cables on excavation, groundwork and construction sites. The CAT helps to detect underground utility services so that workers can avoid them during the excavation process.

The CAT is powered by the Genny, which is also known as the signal generator. The Genny helps in detecting signals from metal services that radiate naturally from them.

Who is the CAT & Genny course for?

The CAT & Genny course is beneficial for individuals whose role requires the correct and safe use of cable avoidance tools. For instance, supervisors or workers who are responsible for detecting and locating underground utility services in the repair roads, building or motorways in the UK.

So, if you are engaged in excavation work, it is important that you undertake a training course to learn the right use of CAT & Genny. This will help you in maintaining the safety of your workers, yourself and the public nearby your excavation site. Also, reduced cable strikes ensure that you do not have to bear the extra expense of repairs. Even your project will not be on hold until the cables or gas pipelines are replaced.

What are the advantages of being trained?

The primary benefit of undertaking the training course in CAT & Genny is that you will have the needed knowledge to work safely. You will also be able to identify, as well as, avoid the risks and hazards, which will keep your colleagues safe. If you are the employer, you will be confident of decreasing the risk of delays and resultant financial losses.

You must make sure to sign up for a CAT & Genny training programme that complies with the guidance from the HSG47 and HSE.

What does the course involve?

Generally, the CAT & Genny training programme is a comprehensive one and it covers the following:

  • The basic principles of locating buried utility services
  • The use and operation of pipe locators
  • The correct interpretation of records and plans
  • The ability to identify suitable equipment, as well as, safe working practices
  • In-depth understanding of the way non-metallic pipe locators operate
  • Safe working conditions, as well as, requirements
  • The correct way of mapping an area before commencing the process of excavation

In the UK, there are several hundred miles of buried or hidden electricity cables, fibre optic cables, gas pipes, water pipes and such other utility services. In fact, some of them are found in implausible places. Unless you have the proper knowledge and training in using CAt & Genny, you will be causing cables strikes and adding to the already 60,000 cases of it.

So, now that you have enough information regarding the CAT & Genny training programme, the next step would be to register or sign up for a training course run by a reputed and reliable company. It is important that you check the credentials of the company before undertaking the course. It is highly recommended that you become a part of a TSA approved course, which will enhance your chances of maintaining the safety of your workers and yourself, along with implementing safe working practices.

Sygma Solutions Ltd. delivers a range of buried utility location training programmes. Their courses range from a 1-day training course to a TSA approved 5-day CAT & Genny course. This training provider has a track record of decreasing cable strikes in the UK with utility companies and contractors.

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The company is an approved ProQual Centre and can provide Cat and Genny training to the Level 2 Award in Utility Location and Avoidance.

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