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Welcome To The Tattoo World

Author: Tattoon Tattoo Bali
by Tattoon Tattoo Bali
Posted: May 17, 2019
first tattoo

First tattoo, always something interesting to talk about. It’s never been easy or perhaps it will never be easy to decide what to get when it comes to the first tattoo. From the design, the placement and the colour until the tattoo artist and the prices you have to keep it 100 about it!

When entering the tattoo world you will always read or perhaps heard quotes that says "think before you ink". Exatcly, this never truer when we are talking about tattoo. Some tattoo can be a reflection of their lifestyle, likes or even their interest. But some are just because the like it. Whatever the reason is keep in mind that it will be on your body forever so once again Think before you ink.

These are things to consider before you jump into the tattoo shop and get your first tattoo, check this out!

  1. The Placement : One of the most important things, you have to do some research about the pain level so you will get to know why the placement is important. I will be honest that tattoo does hurt but it’s all bearable. Ever wonder why thousand of people or maybe even millions of people get their tattoo done everyday in all over the globe? Yes, simply because it’s not that hurt.
  2. The Size : Indeed, some people said the bigger the better and some people say the smallest that cutest. But for small tattoo everyone will suggest you a small one yet it’s visible. But if you have the courage or you think that it’s all will be fine with the bigger design then don’t not hesitate! Go get it tiger!
  3. The Design : Third is the design, when you know where and how big you want it to be then next is what do you want. It could be tricky because there are millions of references through internet, life and etc. Choose something original that not based on someone’s tattoo. Because it will give you more confident since nobody has that design but you! If you ever want the tattoo that someone already has then good news is it’s perfectly fine. Little secret, i have couple tattoos that copying someone else’s tattoo.
  4. The Details : The details would depends on the size, if you want to have a detailed tiger but you want it to be as big as a one cent coin then you probably you want to buy a bmw for 2 dollar, Impossible! I mean it’s may be possible with the single needle but still the details won’t be as good compared to the bigger one. Make sure you get it big enough so you could get to see the details inside the design.
  5. The Artist : This is as important as the other. Why? Because simple they will determine you get a good quality tattoo or maybe even shakey looking lines tattoo by that shakey looking lines i mean the worst tattoo you could ever have. Choose the quality not the quantity. You get what you pay for baby.
  6. Tattoo Aftercare : After it’s all settled and done, aftercare is something as important as the other. Keep your tattoo clean, and listen to your tattoo artist about how to take care of your fresh tattoo and you will have the best healed masterpiece on your body.

When it’s all done and you could see how beautiful your tattoo turn out and everything is healed i must say Welcome to the tattoo world, don’t be surprised if you couldn’t help yourself to get another one anytime soon. Do what you like, you only live once and have fun.

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