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Anno 1800: A must-see game feast

Author: Poppy Quan
by Poppy Quan
Posted: Jun 08, 2019
anno 1800

The Anno City Buildings series has been one of the most successful experiments of its kind since 1998, which in general is somewhat ignored in favor of other, more famous titles. This did not stop the franchise from growing, evolving and expanding beyond seven main games and some derived benefits with varying degrees of success. His last episode, anno 1800 cheap key, is here to satisfy the wishes of his fans.

Anno 1800 goes through the industrial revolution and focuses its game on the management of various social classes to ensure the functioning of our city. The different industries and companies need specialists: farmers who cultivate fields and animals, workers who use machines from new factories and craftsmen who create all the comfort and luxury. These people need a place to live and, from the simple peasant houses, we will move to better houses for workers and beautiful homes for craftsmen.

The detail here is that it is the same building that needs to be renovated to provide a roof for the next social class. Thus, when we open the door to the workers, we close them to the peasants who already lived there. This gives us one of the most interesting characteristics of the key for Anno 1800: the challenge of balancing the population according to the needs of our industry.

The conflict is that many of their needs require greater industrialization and production chains, resulting in negative impacts such as pollution. Keeping people happy is an exponentially more difficult task as the game adds more and more variables that affect the urban environment: the lack of equipment, the diplomatic situation with other cities, the beauty of our architectural project and the Impact of the news in the newspaper.

Unhappy people can cause disturbances, and even if a nearby police station avoids events, the chronicles of the event will hide public opinion. Maintaining a moral balance is as difficult or more difficult than controlling resources and resources.

Beyond our city, there are other places to visit, and here our port and our boats become important. Ocean exploration opens up new resource areas, as well as other large-scale cities responsible for other characters. Sometimes we will have additional missions of these individuals, who, through their respect, will improve our relations among our peoples and promote trade by sea.

Of course, you can not always make friends with your neighbors, which puts our diplomacy to the test. If we fail, we will have an enemy and a possible declaration of war, to which we must react by equipping our defenses and preparing to defend or attack us.

Anno 1800 has a campaign in story mode and sandbox mode. The latter offers the greatest pleasure and is repeated a thousand times. Story mode provides a narrative context in which content is gradually activated and its use explained. However, there are serious shortcomings for those who have never played a game in this series: although instructions have been given, it is rarely recommended that we indicate the steps to take to carry out specific actions.

The constant presence of messages so pronounced by many of the protagonists becomes a little uncomfortable as the hours pass, while we must already understand the game without having to repeat the same sentences over and over again. If you are looking for where to buy anno 1800 cheap, then welcome to scdkey.

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