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Anno 1800 Tips: How To Establish Your Empire

Author: Poppy Quan
by Poppy Quan
Posted: Jul 06, 2019
anno 1800

Normally, in the shadow of more complex management games such as "Cities: Skylines", the Anno series offers a simpler urban landscape. This does not mean that it is not complex, since for any good city builder, Anno's formula has levels and things get complicated as the game progresses. If you want to buy anno 1800 cheap, scdkey is the best option.

In this approach to the industrial revolution, you start with a simple rural population that needs food and clothing. In the near future, he will be executing several plates and managing three or four levels of citizenship, as well as complex production lines, fleet shipments, commercial routes and diplomacy.

How can you succeed in this game? Planning your city is one of the key ingredients of anno 1800 cheap key. Success depends on your ability to take care of all the necessary services on your island. Therefore, you must use the available space efficiently. If you are concerned about the durability of the construction placement, the game contains a very practical plan mode. In this way, you can test your plans without having to commit, and you can experiment with different configurations.

You can also use the Move tool by clicking the right mouse button to move your buildings after construction. However, with greater difficulties, the mission costs money and resources. Instead, play safety and use the flat mode.

Your citizens pay in the game of 1800 annals. The happier you are, the more you pay. Therefore, if you build and improve houses on a regular basis, you can not only meet the production needs of basic products on your island, but also increase your income. Happy citizens are the basis of a prosperous empire.

Keep your population happy by closely monitoring their needs. Each level of citizens has different needs. Once these requirements are met, you can move them to the next level of citizens with more complex requirements, etc.

The monitoring of citizen satisfaction also contributes to the overall happiness of your island, which has several effects on the game. Sometimes, a happy population organizes a festival in its name, thus improving the attractiveness of the city for tourists or energizing temporary production.

There are few worse feelings in 1800 than seeing a fire or a riot and being completely powerless to stop it. It takes time to train the rescuers. Bring a fire department, a police station and a hospital to your city as soon as possible. Disturbances and diseases hurt the happiness of your island. So get ready for the necessary public facilities.

In general, being fully engaged in the game is the most important thing to win the game. Let's us get a game key for anno 1800, and win the game for ourself.

In Anno 1800, players will take charge of their own fortune as they navigate the rapidly evolving technological landscape and malicious political arena of the 19th century in their quest to build an empire that will reach from the smog-filled cities of Europe to the teeming jungles of South America.

Combining beloved features with innovative gameplay, Anno 1800 is the beginning of a new era for the Anno franchise as players leave their mark on a crucial moment in human history.

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