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How to become a video editor in just in 3 months

Author: Shaumik Maurya
by Shaumik Maurya
Posted: Jun 14, 2019

In a simple word video editing is the process of manipulating and rearranging videos shots to create a new work. It is very important to know why we are using video editing.The goal of video editing: - There are so many reasons to use video editing.To remove unwanted footage:- this is simplest and most common task in editing. Sometimes in video many unwanted content are recorded so with the help of editing we can remove these unwanted content to our video.

To choose best footage: - sometimes we shoot more footage after that we select the best material for the final edit.

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To add effects, graphics and music:- for the improvement of your video, you can use special effects, graphics and good sound for creating wow factor quality in your video.

To become a good video editor is totally depend on you. How fast are you able to learn? It is very important you may know how to use software and a professional editor, but if you are not a creative and you have not any idea how to apply the software into your project that’s a big problem for you. Simply we can say that to become a good video editor you have to learn how to become a good storyteller. In video editing you are telling story through your cuts and that is very important part of video editing. If you want to become a good video editor, firstly you learn the craft, thoroughly study the software to its core. After that you are to start watching professional video editors and to pick-up their workflow tries and copies their move. As you know motion creates emotions. If you want to good editor, you must watch lots of videos, films and documentaries. With your hard work and lots of hours spent in front of your computer. Video editing is an interesting profession. If you want, you can certainly become a video editor without a degree. In this profession degree is important to complete formalities. In this profession practice and hard work is very important. If you want to become a video editor in just 3 months you must follow these tips.

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How to become a video editor:- to become good video editor you can follow these steps.

Firstly learn the basics of editing using a decent program. To learn more technique, storytelling, rhythm, repetition, drama and emotion. The most important point is Edit, edit, edit To learn your format, standards, encoders, sound editing, lip synching, video mixing, digital effects, motion graphic. To learn how to use colour grading and colour correction. To learn how to use some music principles and some sound design. The good editor will be able to create mood prompts in a video. They can use techniques how to create emotion, drama, music and visual effects in the video can influence how the audience will react.

In video editing, only require your patience and imagination. In the editing practice is very important.

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Author: Shaumik Maurya

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