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RS Umbral Chest Available for Twitch Prime Members on June

Author: Lily Elice
by Lily Elice
Posted: Jun 24, 2019

Do you want free umbral chest? This month there is a chance for all Twitch Prime runescape gold members. If you are the member of RS Twitch Prime, you could claim two free RS umbral chests as the Twitch Prime offer.

Obtain free RS umbral chests for rewards

From June 18th, 2 RuneScape umbral chests are offered as the Twitch Prime offer this month. All Twitch Prime members could log into their Twitch Prime account and claim the umbral chests during this period.

By opening the RuneScape umbral chest, players will have a chance to obtain a guaranteed super-rare Treasure Hunter prize. Various rewards can be gained from the umbral chest, and here are some of them:

Lucky Guthan’s staff

Lucky Ahrim’s staff

Lucky Dharok’s staff

Silverhawk feathers

Protean hides

Protean logs

Protean memory

Ocean’s Archer Bow token

Ocean’s Archer Crossbow token

Off-hand Lucky Armadyl crossbow

Twang crossbow

How can you claim RuneScape umbral chests?

Here is a guide to help you claim umbral chests or other RS Twitch Prime loot if you are still unclear about it:

  1. Create or log into to your Twitch Prime account.
  2. Find the offer on the drop-down list on Twitch. Click on the link in Step 1 to link your Twitch and Runescape accounts even if they are already linked. Login if asked to.
  3. Click "Confirm" on the RS webpage.

Then you can enjoy the RuneScape umbral chest or other Twitch Prime loot on your RuneScape account.

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According to the latest official news post, there is now a chance of dropping Larran’s Key OSRS from Slayer tasks given by Krystilia. The Larran’s Key can be used to open OSRS Larran’s chest (small and big size), which can be found in the Wilderness. These OSRS Wilderness keys are untradeable.

Similar to OSRS Brimstone key, the chance of obtaining a Larran’s Key depends on the level of the monster, which means there is more chance to get the key from higher-level monsters. If the key is not protected on death in a PvP scenario, it can be dropped to a PKer. Ironman PKer cannot obtain the keys from their opponent, so the key will be destroyed completely.

Comparison: Larran’s chest & Brimstone chest

After obtaining Larran’s Keys, you can use them to open OSRS Larran’s chests, including Larran’s small chest and Larran’s big chest. There are the same items in the Larran’s chest as the OSRS Brimstone chest except the unique items.

OSRS Larran’s chest (small): can be found north-east of the Chaos Temple (level 18 Wilderness). It has drops slightly worse off in numbers than the Brimstone chest.

OSRS Larran’s chest (big): can be found on the ship west of Pirates’ Hideout (level 55 Wilderness). It has drops greater in numbers than the Brimstone chest.

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