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How Should You Maintain Your Septic Tank?

Author: Sean Erik
by Sean Erik
Posted: Jul 04, 2019

Septic tank is an important part of a residential property that safely disposes of the sewage. However, it is not enough only to have the septic tank, it also need regular maintenance. A poorly maintained septic tank will do more bad than any good. It may not only lead to the whole system failure but the repairing costs even more. Therefore, regular septic tank pump out service is essential.

Signs that tell septic tank should be pumped out

Depending upon the number of people in the household, the size of the septic tank and the volume of the water waste produced, every septic tank has different servicing cycle. Furthermore, following signs indicate that it is the time for cleaning and pumping out of the tank.

Sluggish draining

If there is trouble in flushing the toilet or it is not as good as it should be, the septic tank needs pumping out. Whenever water reaches the septic tank, the solid waste settles down at the bottom as sludge. Sluggish draining means the level of sludge in the tank has risen to the level where it will block the tank causing system breakdown.


When there is no space left for water in septic tank, it finds its way out of the tank. Therefore, water puddles around the tank and the drain field are indication of septic tank pump out service.


The sludge in the tank produces various types of gases and when the tank is full, these gases do not find the way out. This causes an odor everywhere on the property and which clearly states that septic tank should be pumped out.

Sewage backup

Nobody likes the sewage backup but when the tank is full or there is low maintenance of the tank, the blockage may happen in the pipes causing the sewage to come back from the toilets and the sink.

Sudden growths above the drainfield

Sudden growth of green grass on the drainfield could be because of the extra fertilizers it is receiving from the leakage of excessive water from the septic tank.

In addition to watching the sign and regularly pumping out the septic tank, following things should be taken care while using it:

  • Running taps or leakage taps be fixed at the earliest.
  • The required amount of water should reach the septic tank.
  • Chemicals, grease, paints and other such solids should not be flushed in sink or the toilets.
  • Products like diapers, paper towels, cotton buds, baby wipes, make-up wipes and cosmetics should not reach the septic tank.

Certified and trained professionals should perform the septic tank pump out service, and the waste should be disposed of properly as per standards and govt. regulation. The team of professionals also prepares the maintenance report of the tank, which is kept with the owner. A poorly maintained septic tank is not only untidy and unhealthy but it may also invite penalty from the government.

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